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What I’m Reading: Made to Stick

I’m often asked what books I’m reading. Currently, I’m reading Made to Stick.

Made to StickThe principle is — what are we doing here at USANA that makes USANA sticky? That makes people want to stay involved and stay connected? Those ideas, how do they blossom and how do they grow? Why do some survive and some don’t? That’s something we wrestle with all the time here at USANA.

You’ve heard me speak about relevance and it’s the same kind of thing — how do we remain relevant in a very, very competitive, busy, noisy workplace and work environment?

I’ve asked our entire management team to read Made to Stick and decide which principles can be applied to their own areas throughout the company.

The notion of stickiness is also important to us as individuals. If you’re an independent business owner. If you’re a father, a wife, husband, brother, whatever it might be. What makes others want to be around you and want to be involved with you and want to have that interaction?

That’s something that is constantly on my mind as I think about the future of USANA:

How can we continually reinvent, be creative, be innovative in such a way that people want to be involved with this great company.