Kevin Guest Named Chairman of the DSEF

Kevin Guest Named Chairman of the Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF).

Kevin Guest is named chairman of the Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF).

USANA Executive Chairman Kevin Guest was recently named the new Chairman of the Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF). Over the next year, he’ll help guide the strategic actions of the organization, which works with the academic community to support research in direct sales-related disciplines.

“It is a great honor to support the Direct Selling Education Foundation through my new role. I believe so strongly in the DSEF’s 50-year mission to engage and educate the public on the ways direct selling empowers individuals, supports communities, and strengthens economies worldwide. I’m excited to work with the talented DSEF staff and board members to make a difference for our industry and millions of direct sellers and their customers.”

— Kevin Guest, USANA Executive Chairman

DSEF LogoGuest was named chief executive officer of USANA in 2016, followed by the role of chairman and CEO in 2020. During his tenure, USANA saw record growth in active customers and revenue. Guest recently transitioned from his role as CEO in July 2023 to Executive Chairman of USANA’s board. He also served as Direct Selling Association (DSA) Chairman for the past two years.

DSA and DSEF President Joseph N. Mariano commented, “I am delighted that Kevin Guest has assumed the chairmanship of the Direct Selling Education Foundation after his exemplary service as Chairman of the Direct Selling Association.”

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USANA CEO Elected as Chairman of the Board of Direct Selling Association

In June 2021, USANA Chairman and CEO Kevin Guest was elected to serve as Chairman of the Board of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). The DSA is a national trade organization for direct sales companies. Guest was elected by members of the Association and will serve a one-year term.

“I am honored for the privilege of serving this great organization, which plays such a crucial role in promoting innovation and integrity within the direct selling industry.

“I have worked in direct sales for more than 25 years, in which time I have seen tremendous growth in the industry; much of that growth is due to the leadership and guidance DSA provides its member companies.

“I would like to sincerely thank DSA members for giving me this opportunity to help further strengthen our industry’s foothold in the marketplace.” — Kevin Guest

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Accolades & Excellence

In the last 28 years, USANA’s received hundreds, if not thousands, of accolades. Third-party recognition is a testament to who we are as a company, and it’s something that makes me proud.

Toward the end of a Q&A session as part of the 2020 Americas & Europe Virtual Convention, I was asked what I’d like to be my USANA legacy.

It’s a complex question, but the answer, for me, is easy. I’d like my USANA legacy to be this:

That I’ve guided USANA in such a way that would put a big smile on Dr. Wentz’s face. And that he knows he made the right decision in giving me the opportunity to serve as CEO.

Over the years, I’ve spent time learning from leaders I admire. By listening to other perspectives, it helps me to put USANA in a position to be the best it can be.

Of course, I’m fortunate that USANA is a world-class company. I work with exceptional people and the products are the best of the best.

At USANA, we aim for excellence in everything we do. Excellence, after all, is one of USANA’s four core values. One way we measure excellence is through third-party accolades.

USANA Accolades - First Half of 2020

Accolades in 2020

This article on What’s Up, USANA? highlights many accolades from the first half of 2020. As I mentioned in my most-recent e-newsletter, a few other accomplishments and accolades are worth mentioning:

  • Congratulations to Aurora “Duday” Mandanas-Gaston, USANA Regional Vice President. She recently was recognized as one of Asia’s “Most Outstanding Leaders.”
  • USANA landed on Utah Business magazine’s Fast 50 list for the 13th consecutive year.
  • USANA’s InCelligence Complex found in CellSentials or HealthPak received a U.S. patent. The award of this patent is a unique accomplishment in the nutritional supplement industry. It’s a proud indicator of USANA’s diligent pursuit of nutritional expertise.
  • USANA earned a distinguished seal of approval from third-party tester for our flagship supplement USANA CellSentials.
  • Our colleagues at USANA Philippines were recognized for the second straight year as the No. 1 Vitamins and Dietary Supplements Brand in The Philippines by Euromonitor International.

Excellence & the Environment

Though not technically an award, the news last week that USANA joined forces with the Utah Sustainable Business Coalition, speaks to our continued commitment to our environment.

USANA pledged to reduce plastic waste in 2020 and beyond as part of its coalition efforts. Our first step in this pledge is to move to smaller bottles to reduce wasted space and to make the switch from plastic bottles to 25% post-recycled material bottles.

In addition, USANA is also an EPA WasteWise member, an EPA Green Power Partner, and one of 235 founding organizations of the Climate Registry.

You can read more here.

To everyone who continues to help USANA achieve excellence, I say thank you!

Kevin Guest named ‘Executive of the Year’ by Best in Biz International

Kevin Guest, USANA Chief Executive Officer, was named Executive of the Year by BestinBiz International.

Kevin Guest Earns ‘Executive of the Year’ Honors from the Stevies

Kevin Guest, USANA Chief Executive Officer, earns Gold for “Executive of the Year – Consumer Products, Non-Durables” by International Stevie Awards.

Recent USANA Accolades & Awards

I posted a video message recently explaining the importance of social media and the power of sharing.

Kevin GuestToday, I want to share some accolades we’ve received recently at USANA Health Sciences Inc. I encourage you to SHARE this exciting third-party recognition with your own social networks.

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Thank you all for your dedication and hard work. #LiveUSANA

2019 Utah Best of State

The Best of State Awards were created in 2003 to recognize outstanding individuals, organizations and businesses in Utah.

Best of State candidates are evaluated by a panel of 100 judges based on three criteria:

  • Achievement in the field of endeavor
  • Innovation or creativity in approaches, techniques, methods or processes
  • Contribution to improving the quality of life in Utah.

Since 2003, USANA has won 60 Best of State awards. Here is how USANA performed at the 2019 awards:

  • USANA’s new Celavive® skincare system won its second-ever Best of State award in the Personal Care Products category
  • Rev3 Energy® won for the 11th consecutive year for best beverage
  • USANA CellSentials® took home its third consecutive win for best dietary supplement
  • USANA® Nutritionals supplement line won for the 15th time for best health/nutrition product

2019 Biotechnology Awards

DSN Global 100

  • USANA ranked No. 18 on the list of highest-earning direct selling companies in the world. Up from No. 23 in 2018

ABA Stevie Awards

  • Company of the Year – Consumer Products – USANA – GOLD
  • Achievement in Management – Consumer Products – Kevin Guest – GOLD
  • New Products – Consumer Products – USANA Celavive Sheet Mask – SILVER

AP Stevie Awards

  • Innovation in Management – Consumer Products – Kevin Guest – SILVER
  • Excellence in Corporate Innovation – Consumer Products – USANA – BRONZE
  • Innovation in Product Design & Development – Consumer Products – USANA Celavive Sheet Mask – BRONZE

Communicator Awards

  • Branded Video – Products & Services – CELAVIVE’S HYDRATING + LIFTING SHEET MASK – EXCELLENCE
  • Online Video – Web Series – USANA ATHLETES | TRUST – DISTINCTION

Hermes Awards

  • Video – Corporate Image – USANA Athletes Trust – PLATINUM
  • Social Media – Blog Overall – What’s Up, USANA? Blog – GOLD
  • Video – Marketing (Product) – CELAVIVE MASK 101: HOW-TO SHEET MASK – GOLD
  • Social Media – Instagram – USANA Corporate Instagram – GOLD

Recent USANA Events & Accolades

I recently returned from Washington D.C. Members of the USANA management team and I presented to congressional leaders about key issues involving direct sales. It’s an honor to better educate our representatives about USANA and our worldwide team of hard-working Associates.

I also recorded a video in which I talk about some of USANA’s recent events and accolades.

USANA Executive Diamond Summit

The Executive Diamond Summit took place in London. It was a great time. We got to go up in the London Bridge Tower and walk out over the London Bridge, where we had a reception. We went to Kensington Palace and just had a great experience.

USANA Executive Diamond Summit 2019 - Kevin GuestMost importantly, though, we got to interact with some of our top leaders from around the world. Dr. Oz even joined us briefly.

Before we left, I checked off a lifetime bucket list item. You know music is an important part of my life — and the Beatles are one of my all-time favorite bands. Well, I got to go to Abbey Road Studios.

Abbey Road Studios isn’t open to the public and you can’t just go in there. But the company that helped us arrange the Executive Diamond Summit helped us get in to Abbey Road. So I got into Studio 1 where the Beatles did their first live broadcast. All the soundtracks to Star Wars were recorded there. The score for Black Panther (which just won an Oscar) was recorded there.

But for me just to be in those hallowed halls and in those rooms and in the studio was the experience of a lifetime. Many of the songs I grew up listening to and many that have inspired me were recorded right there. And I got to experience it firsthand.

Direct Selling Association: Companies in Focus

Every year the Direct Selling Association holds “Companies in Focus” events. Direct selling companies open their doors to other direct sellers. The goal is to share best practices so that the industry as a whole can raise its practices to even a higher level.

At USANA we’re happy to welcome in and open our doors to some of the direct sellers in the marketplace. It was fun to have them here and have us be able to share with them what we’re doing that helps USANA be a great company.

For instance, we shared with them from a regulatory perspective how we handle product claims. We want our industry as a whole to make correct and proper product claims — and income claims.

We also showed best practices as it relates to how we treat our employees and why USANA’s been named one of the best places to work in all of America for several years. By mere coincidence, Dr. Oz was in the building shooting a video. So we brought him in and introduced him to the other direct sellers, which was a fun moment.

We also recorded a few other videos with Dr. Oz. Stay tuned…

All around, it proved to be a great experience. I like being part of the direct selling community and showcasing USANA as a company that operates with integrity. Best Brand Top Rated Direct Selling Brand 2019 - Kevin GuestOne accolade we received really means a lot to me. is an independent lab that does testing on products and they validate the quality of products. They validate label claims and other things like that. For the sixth year, USANA was named the 2019 Top Rated Direct Selling Brand.

I firmly believe we are in the relationship business. This award signifies USANA’s commitment to customer satisfaction, an area in which we work hard to excel.

What an honor it is, especially to have independent consumer groups that are recognizing our quality and our commitment to excellence. That’s one of our core values. You can’t get better than third-party substantiation. Through Consumer Labs we received that.

Kevin Guest named as the Gold winner for “Executive of the Year – Medium & Large Companies”

Kevin Guest, USANA CEO, named Gold winner for “Executive of the Year – Medium & Large Companies” by BestinBiz International.