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CEOWORLD Magazine: 7 Keys to Build Harmony in Teams

CEOWORLD magazine: 7 Keys to Build Harmony in Teams in COVID Era, by Kevin Guest

CEOWORLD magazine: 7 Keys to Build Harmony in Teams in COVID Era, by Kevin Guest

Kevin Guest, USANA CEO and author of All the Right Reasons, published an article in CEOWORLD magazine on June 23, 2020.

CEOWORLD magazine Logo7 Keys to Build Harmony in Teams in COVID Era outlines seven traits that create an environment of harmony.

The 7 Traits to Build Harmony

  1. Honesty: Living an honest life endears teams to you because they know you have integrity.
  2. Vision: A leader with vision inspires teams and lifts companies to heights unimaginable.
  3. Relationships: When we value people, that very style causes them to reciprocate with loyalty and diligence to give their best.
  4. Communication: Face-to-face collaboration remains one of the most influential methods of communicating with our coworkers.
  5. Decisiveness: Carefully review issues, but avoid the paralysis of analysis.
  6. Courage: Taking a leap of faith with every step into the unknown demonstrates the height of leadership in today’s fast-paced world.
  7. Service: Find meaningful ways to give back and to make the world a better place.

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“When those seven characteristics combine, harmony envelops a company,” Guest writes. “It forges teams through difficulties. It drives organizations to higher levels, and teams generate results they never dreamed achievable. Harmony binds them together for success after success.

Guest says the best leaders he’s seen mentor teams with these seven overarching traits. In 2018, Guest wrote All the Right Reasons, a book that includes 12 principles to living a life in harmony.

Proceeds from the book benefit the USANA Foundation and its mission to feed hungry children. Each book purchase helps to provide 40 meals. Help us as we strive toward our goal of 2 million meals.