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The Dorothy Principle: A Lesson to Embrace During the Holidays

I’d like to share with you a paradigm-shifting concept. It’s called the Dorothy Principle, a popular story in “All the Right Reasons: 12 Timeless Principles for Living a Life in Harmony.”

All the Right Reasons | Kevin Guest

The “Dorothy Principle” name may seem peculiar, but its implications have been profound in my life.

The essence of the Dorothy Principle lies in treating others with utmost respect and kindness. It’s about understanding that our greatest successes, our most meaningful victories, are nestled in the heart of our relationships.

In my book, I recount an incident from my college days when a college professor posed a seemingly simple question: “What is the name of the woman who cleans this building?” The class was stumped. The woman’s name was Dorothy. The lesson? In life, nothing is more important than relationships. And paying attention to others, even if you only pass them in the hall (if only several times a week like I did), is a secret to success.

This story resonated with me. I remember my first day at college; my professor wrote on the board: “Nothing is more important than relationships.” As a young college student, I felt this was counterintuitive to my ambitions. But time and experience have shown me the wisdom in those words.

I recall studying for hours for my final exam only to be faced with one question: “What had the professor written on the board on the first day of class?” Even after 35 years, I remember the answer and the lesson it taught me.

The Importance of Relationships

Relationships matter. Whether it’s the mail carrier, your co-worker, or the person who cleans the building, everyone deserves your attention, your respect, and your kindness. A simple smile, a warm hello, or just remembering someone’s name can make a world of difference.

As we approach the holiday season, I urge you all to put relationships first. Cherish your family, your friends, and every person who crosses your path. Remember, people matter more than things. Our success is not actually measured by our wealth or achievements, but by the lives we touch and the relationships we foster.

To experience true inner peace, we must understand what holds real meaning in our lives: relationships, making a difference, and living authentically. This is not just a message of hope; it’s a call to action.

It’s up to us to uphold virtues, to fight for integrity, to love truth, to right the wrongs, and heal the wounds. It’s up to us to repair what’s broken. If not us, then who?

So, I ask you today, will you join me in this quest for character? Will you strive for harmony? Will you live your life for all the right reasons?

It’s time we embraced the Dorothy Principle and put relationships first in everything we do. In the grand scheme, nothing is more important than relationships.

I first shared these thoughts in a LinkedIn post published on Nov. 15, 2023.

What Two Beatles Taught Me About Love and Respect

April 2 is national “Love Our Children Day” in the United States. And it’s a perfect reminder to show love and respect to everyone we encounter from adults to children.

Ringo Starr, one of my lifelong idols, is one of the most gracious celebrities I have ever met.

A few years ago, I was backstage before a Ringo Starr concert with a group of fans waiting to meet the world-famous Beatles drummer.

Other fans were nervous, and the lady next to me was hyperventilating because she was about to meet an idol—one of the Beatles. When Ringo arrived, I was first in line, and he smiled, gave me a big hug, and talked to me while looking directly at me. He focused on me and made me feel loved and respected, like I was important. That is a feeling I will never forget.

Years earlier, I saw Paul McCartney on stage for a pre-concert soundcheck and noticed that Paul approached every band and crew member. He hugged them and asked how they were.

I could tell Paul knew them personally and cared about them. Those acts of love and kindness by two of the world’s most famous musicians give a remarkable lesson for us all. In this day when so much is in turmoil, we need to show love and respect for others around us.

Love, Relationships

In All the Right Reasons, I write about what I call The Dorothy Principle. In essence, it puts relationships at the top of the priority list.

People have told me the Dorothy Principle has made an instant impact on their lives. I learned long ago that treating others with the utmost respect and kindness is a key to success and makes life more harmonious for everyone.

To illustrate the Dorothy Principle:

On a pop quiz, a college professor asked: ‘What is the name of the woman who cleans this building?’ and emphasized that nothing is more important than relationships.

The class was blank but soon learned the cleaning lady’s name was Dorothy. So I have dubbed that value the Dorothy Principle and have tried to put relationships first in everything I do.

I apply the same principle as Chairman and CEO at USANA Health Sciences.

I urge all of our Associates domestically and internationally to treat others politely with kindness. Learn their names, acknowledge them as you pass by, and step outside of your own issues to be genuinely respectful to everyone.

I believe those simple patterns of behavior can make us all more civil and lift each other to higher levels of harmony in life.

I shared these thoughts and more in a news release that went out on March 31, 2022.

Designed to help others find keys to successful careers and life, All the Right Reasons reveals 12 principles for living a life in harmony. All proceeds from sales of the bestseller are aimed at feeding two million meals to hungry children. Available on Amazon, each book sold provides 40 meals through The USANA Foundation.

The Dorothy Principle: Dr. Oz and the Story of Pearl

If you watched The Dr. Oz Show episode in which I talked about All the Right Reasons, you heard me tell the story of Dorothy, the namesake for The Dorothy Principle.

Pearl - Dr. Oz - The Dorothy PrincipleHer story taught me the very important principle: Nothing is more important than relationships.

When I shared that story with Dr. Mehmet Oz, he immediately thought of Pearl, a woman he’s worked with most of his career.

Recently, Dr. Oz shared this story with me and he provided me with Pearl’s permission to share it with all of you.

Meet Pearl – the housekeeper of the cardiac floor at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. I’ve known Pearl for most of my career in medicine. Without Pearl, rooms wouldn’t be cleaned in time to house recovering patients who need to leave the ICU. Pearl creates a pristine environment that reduces infection and gives confidence to patients and their families.”

Pearl is a wonderful example of The Dorothy Principle.

Dr. Oz continues:

“Pay attention to the Pearls in your life. Get engaged with others and your challenges will take care of themselves. Judge us by how we treat those around us.”

I invite each of you to live The Dorothy Principle and continue to develop and nurture relationships.