News & Notes From Around USANA

Each month or so I like to touch on a variety of topics or events pertinent to the USANA Family. In this episode, I share a few thoughts on:

  • The USANA Management Team’s training at The Disney Institute and what we learned about customer experience.
  • Our new partnership with the Kids Eat program and how we’re helping to ensure children in 14 Utah schools are fed on weekends.
  • USANA as the Official Nutritional Partner of Spartan U.S. and how that fits squarely within our mission as a company.
  • The importance of third-party recognition and accolades.
  • What we have planned for the 2019 Global Convention — including insight into new things we’re trying this year (Aug. 14-17, 2019).

Recent USANA Accolades & Awards

I posted a video message recently explaining the importance of social media and the power of sharing.

Kevin GuestToday, I want to share some accolades we’ve received recently at USANA Health Sciences Inc. I encourage you to SHARE this exciting third-party recognition with your own social networks.

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Thank you all for your dedication and hard work. #LiveUSANA

2019 Utah Best of State

The Best of State Awards were created in 2003 to recognize outstanding individuals, organizations and businesses in Utah.

Best of State candidates are evaluated by a panel of 100 judges based on three criteria:

  • Achievement in the field of endeavor
  • Innovation or creativity in approaches, techniques, methods or processes
  • Contribution to improving the quality of life in Utah.

Since 2003, USANA has won 60 Best of State awards. Here is how USANA performed at the 2019 awards:

  • USANA’s new Celavive® skincare system won its second-ever Best of State award in the Personal Care Products category
  • Rev3 Energy® won for the 11th consecutive year for best beverage
  • USANA CellSentials® took home its third consecutive win for best dietary supplement
  • USANA® Nutritionals supplement line won for the 15th time for best health/nutrition product

2019 Biotechnology Awards

DSN Global 100

  • USANA ranked No. 18 on the list of highest-earning direct selling companies in the world. Up from No. 23 in 2018

ABA Stevie Awards

  • Company of the Year – Consumer Products – USANA – GOLD
  • Achievement in Management – Consumer Products – Kevin Guest – GOLD
  • New Products – Consumer Products – USANA Celavive Sheet Mask – SILVER

AP Stevie Awards

  • Innovation in Management – Consumer Products – Kevin Guest – SILVER
  • Excellence in Corporate Innovation – Consumer Products – USANA – BRONZE
  • Innovation in Product Design & Development – Consumer Products – USANA Celavive Sheet Mask – BRONZE

Communicator Awards

  • Branded Video – Products & Services – CELAVIVE’S HYDRATING + LIFTING SHEET MASK – EXCELLENCE
  • Online Video – Web Series – USANA ATHLETES | TRUST – DISTINCTION

Hermes Awards

  • Video – Corporate Image – USANA Athletes Trust – PLATINUM
  • Social Media – Blog Overall – What’s Up, USANA? Blog – GOLD
  • Video – Marketing (Product) – CELAVIVE MASK 101: HOW-TO SHEET MASK – GOLD
  • Social Media – Instagram – USANA Corporate Instagram – GOLD

Customer Experience: Our No. 1 Priority

As you may know, a strategic focus for USANA in 2019 and beyond is customer experience. More specifically, how do we create a positive interaction at every point along the journey of someone who interacts with USANA?

Kevin Guest, USANA CEO

You’ve heard me say before that I believe all of us at USANA are in the relationship business. Therefore, ensuring we provide customers with a positive experience is critical to who we are and where we want to be as a company.

Our USANA Associates are independent business owners. They’re CEOs of their business. How can you create a positive interaction with your customers and those with whom you do business?

Think about every touchpoint along the way — your first email or social message, your initial meeting, your follow-up to questions, etc.

I encourage our USANA teams to think about that. And think of ways to help improve the customer experience.

Here at USANA, that’s our No. 1 priority. And I encourage you and challenge you to make that your No. 1 priority.

The Piano Principle: What Sacrifices Are You Willing to Make?

Early in All the Right Reasons (the second principle, in fact), I tell a story about my mom and dad.

When they were younger and didn’t have a lot of money — like a lot of us at that age, just starting out with a family — my parents needed to prioritize purchases.

Kevin GuestOne thing I’ll always remember: My parents bought a piano before they purchased a car.

It’s not like they didn’t need a car. Life likely would have been easier had they had one. Yet my dad would ride my mom around on his bicycle to the grocery store and other places.

Why did they do this? Because music was so important to them. And they were willing to sacrifice everything to see that we had music in the home.

They couldn’t afford both a piano and a car.

The Piano Principle speaks to that mindset.

You should do whatever it takes for the things that are most important to you.

Here’s something I’ve told a few people as I’ve thought about The Piano Principle. My wife, Lori, and I did pretty much the same thing. We were talking about this the other day. We bought a piano in the early days of our marriage.

We weren’t exactly like my parents — we did have a car. But we bought it used and made payments (like a lot of folks). We knew we needed a piano in our home to make sure our kids grew up with music in their lives.

Some of my greatest memories are sitting around the piano singing church hymns and other songs as a family.

The Piano Principle in Your Life

What do these stories mean for you? I encourage you to think about what’s most important to you and then what are you willing to sacrifice to make sure that it becomes a reality in your life.

It comes down to prioritizing.

The Piano Principle is simply that:

What is most important and then what are you willing to sacrifice to make sure it becomes a reality in your life?

If you do that, I believe you’ll look back years later and be so thankful that you did what it took to make sure that priority became a reality in your life.

How About You?

What’s most important in your life? Is it planning for a dream vacation? A new car? Saving to start your own business? I’d love to hear what you’re willing to sacrifice in order to make it a reality.

For more of my thoughts on principles included in All the Right Reasons, please take a look at this link.

What I’m Reading: Strategic Acceleration

Strategic Acceleration: Succeed at the Speed of Life, by Tony Jeary

Strategic Acceleration by Tony JearyThe latest “What I’m ReadinginstallmentStrategic Acceleration — highlights a book I’ve found incredibly helpful as I continue to grow and learn as a leader.

Tony Jeary, the author, is a good friend who’s helped me and other members of the USANA management team over the years. The message in this book really boils down to this:

  • Clarity
  • Focus
  • Execution

We have to be really clear about who we are, what our goals are, and what we want to accomplish. Then, we’re able to focus on what’s important and execute to achieve our goals.

When we’re clear in our goals, it allows us to focus on the task at hand, whatever it may be. With that, we’re able to execute on those goals strategically.

I think all of us in our lives, whether it’s in relationships, with USANA, or with health, we all could use more clarity.

Strategic Acceleration is a great read. I encourage all of you to take the opportunity to pick it up and please let me know your takeaways.

About Tony Jeary

For more than two decades, Tony has advised CEOs and other high achievers on how to discover new clarity for their vision, develop focus on their direction, and create powerful execution strategies that impact achievement and results.


The Plato Principle: Surround Yourself with People Who Will Help You Grow

I recently returned from USANA Live — our annual Asia Pacific Convention. It’s an event I look forward to each year. The energy is off the charts and the enthusiasm is invigorating.

I intentionally surrounded myself with thousands of people — Associates and Employees — who are dedicated to making a difference in the world.

It reminded me of The Plato Principle, which I discuss in depth in All the Right Reasons.

In essence, The Plato Principle involves being open to those around you and having people around you who can be a positive influence. Surround yourself with good people that will help you grow.

I think it’s so important, especially in today’s world, to have an open mind and to be teachable.

Seek Advice From Others

It’s not a secret that one of my idols is Paul McCartney of the Beatles. Not long ago, I had the opportunity to sit in on a sound check with McCartney. There were only a few of us in a large stadium.

He walked out and I was off to the side. It was interesting to watch his interaction. He actually walked up to the crew, to his band members, and he hugged them. Then he sat down to sound check his piano. He asked for input on different settings. He was asking for advice and interacting.

Here you have arguably one of the biggest celebrities in the world. He walked out, engaged his crew and his other band members with hugs, with a warm friendly interaction.

But then he was asking questions through the process. I was learning from him, one of my idols and icons, someone who’s been a mentor from afar.

No matter what level you’re at or where you’re at in life, consider these two things:

  1. Respect people. Respect who they are and be open to their advice and interaction.
  2. Surround yourself with good people. Learn from them. Have an open mind. And most importantly, be teachable.

Thank you to all my friends in Singapore and from around the world who made last week so memorable. I’m re-energized and excited about the future!

Photos From Singapore

Here are a few photos from the USANA Live event in Singapore. Click or swipe to see my interaction with someone I’ve looked to for advice for a long time. I bet many of you have as well.


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HealthCorps Gala, AP Convention, Management Meetings

I recorded the above video ahead of last week’s trip to New York for the 13th Annual HealthCorps Gala. What a phenomenal event! HealthCorps, which is Dr. Oz‘s charitable foundation, does so much to support children’s fitness, nutrition, and mental resilience in schools. It aligns perfectly with what we’re striving for in working to make the USANA Family the Healthiest Family on Earth.

On stage at the 13th Annual HealthCorps Gala in New York on April 16, 2019.

On stage at the 13th Annual HealthCorps Gala in New York on April 16, 2019.

In fact, I’m thrilled that USANA is a corporate partner for the Kids Eat! program here in Utah. The organization works with schools to help ensure kids don’t go hungry. It’s all about the notion of giving vs. getting. We want USANA to be known as a giving organization.

Going back to HealthCorps, I had an opportunity to perform at the April 16 gala with the Free Radicals. My good friend Collin Raye performed as well, and Dr. Oz even joined us on stage for a few songs. I’m honored to help support the organization.

Then, the following day, we spent a wonderful day with USANA Associates and capped it off with another concert featuring Collin Raye and Dr. Oz. What a fantastic couple days in New York.

Asia Pacific Convention

This week I’m traveling to Singapore for our annual Asia Pacific Convention. I always look forward to the event. The excitement level and the enthusiasm of our Associates in our Asia-Pacific region is off the charts. I always know we’re going to have a lot of fun.

What I look forward to the most is the interaction with my dear friends who are Associates from all over the world. It gives me an opportunity to connect and to be around the people who are really making USANA go.

Management Team Meetings

Three times a year I assemble members of USANA’s management team from all over the world. We meet to talk about strategy and the future of USANA.

For our upcoming planning meeting, which is scheduled for mid-May, we will be trained by folks at Disney. It’s well-known that Disney is an expert when it comes to providing first-class customer experiences. They are going to teach us how they do what they do.

We’re going to take things we learn from Disney and see how we can incorporate certain aspects in creating a positive customer experience at USANA. I’m looking forward to learning from some of the best.

What I’m Reading: A Voice Undefeated

A Voice Undefeated, by Collin Raye.

Hello everyone. Thank you for following along on my social media and this blog. Thank you, especially, for being part of the What I’m Reading series.

Your response to the books and the comments on these posts has been incredible. I appreciate your engagement and hope you’ll continue to find value in the books I’m reading. Perhaps they’ll impact your life the same way they’ve impacted mine.

For this installment, I want to share with you a book by my friend Collin Raye. It’s called A Voice Undefeated. It’s an inspirational biography of him and his life and the struggles and ups and downs that he’s had.

It also delves into his music career that includes an eye-popping 24 top-10 hits, 16 No. 1 hits, and millions of records sold. Did you know Collin’s a 10-time Vocalist of the Year nominee?

I enjoy learning from people’s experiences and I think we can learn a lot from each other in sharing our experiences.

In my book All the Right Reasons, one of the principles talks about nothing is more important than relationships — The Dorothy Principle. And I think you’ll get that same feeling as you read Collin’s book.

What I’m Reading

For me, I’m usually reading three different types of books.

  • Usually one is a business book that’s helping me with strategy or relationships or thinking about things from a business environment or leadership perspective.
  • Two, I’m usually reading something that is religious that fills my tank with information and knowledge and expands my thinking.
  • The third is usually a non-fiction biographical type book like this one of Collin’s.

I highly recommend it. A Voice Undefeated. I think you’ll enjoy it. He’s been a friend of USANA for more than a decade. He and Dr. Wentz are close. Collin’s been to Sanoviv. He enjoys our products and is an advocate of really trying to help us create the healthiest family on earth.

I think this read will help you as you move along in your journey in life.

The Dorothy Principle: Dr. Oz and the Story of Pearl

If you watched The Dr. Oz Show episode in which I talked about All the Right Reasons, you heard me tell the story of Dorothy, the namesake for The Dorothy Principle.

Pearl - Dr. Oz - The Dorothy PrincipleHer story taught me the very important principle: Nothing is more important than relationships.

When I shared that story with Dr. Mehmet Oz, he immediately thought of Pearl, a woman he’s worked with most of his career.

Recently, Dr. Oz shared this story with me and he provided me with Pearl’s permission to share it with all of you.

Meet Pearl – the housekeeper of the cardiac floor at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. I’ve known Pearl for most of my career in medicine. Without Pearl, rooms wouldn’t be cleaned in time to house recovering patients who need to leave the ICU. Pearl creates a pristine environment that reduces infection and gives confidence to patients and their families.”

Pearl is a wonderful example of The Dorothy Principle.

Dr. Oz continues:

“Pay attention to the Pearls in your life. Get engaged with others and your challenges will take care of themselves. Judge us by how we treat those around us.”

I invite each of you to live The Dorothy Principle and continue to develop and nurture relationships.