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Smile! Increase Harmony, Relieve Stress, Boost Positive Feelings

For World Smile Day, I am urging everyone to smile and reap health benefits.

Smiling is a choice I make every morning. I smile, not because life is perfect, but because I choose to see the positive in every situation. I make it my duty to find something to be cheerful about every day. Instead of pushing people away with negativism, I work to draw them in with my smile.

In my book, All the Right Reasons, I write, in your careers, your paths will cross with many people. They all matter and deserve your attention and care, even if all you do is smile, say hello, and learn their names. You’ve heard me speak several times about “The Dorothy Principle,” which concludes the most important thing is relationships.

As humans, we need each other. We need encouragement, empathy, and connections. We need smiles, kind words, good advice, and trusted friends.

The first Friday of October is World Smile Day, started by artist Harvey Ball, who created the smiley face in 1963. Today, Harvey’s yellow smiley symbol is universally popular and an instant reminder to see the bright side of things.

World Smile Day


7 Benefits Associated with Smiling

Today, I’d like to share seven benefits I’ve found from genuinely smiling each day.

  1. First, it relieves stress and tension.
  2. Next, smiling releases neuropeptides and hormones that have a positive effect on the immune system.
  3. Smiling also helps activate T cells, which fight infections.
  4. Smiling helps improve one’s mood and makes one feel happier.
  5. It lowers blood pressure and is a natural pain reliever.
  6. Among other benefits, smiling more often helps people look younger and more attractive.
  7. Smiling also makes you more approachable, which helps you collaborate more easily with others and accomplish your goals.


Find a Hobby That Makes You Smile

Some people turn to a hobby to boost their mood and smile more.

World Smile Day | Kevin GuestPlaying music is so fun for me that I can’t help but smile when I sing. I’ve made it a point to always love what I do and do what I love, which is a formula for me to smile and bring out the best.

Even more, for those needing a boost to smile, find time to dance. My wife and I even have a picture in my book of us dancing in the desert. It’s hard not to smile when you do. Maybe we should all dance a little more.

I shared these thoughts and more in a news release that went out on Oct. 6, 2022, ahead of National Smile Day. All the Right Reasons: 12 Timeless Principles for Living a Life in Harmony is available on Amazon. All proceeds feed hungry children, with each book purchase providing 40 meals.

National Day of Encouragement: 3 Ways to Lift Others Higher

As we commemorate National Day of Encouragement, I encourage you to lift another higher by giving a word of encouragement and letting them know you believe in them. Sometimes all a person needs is to know life matters and they can make a difference. Having people who believe in you and your ability to live a successful life is key to that.

As human beings, we need each other. As I write in All the Right Reasons, we need encouragement, empathy, and connections. We need smiles, kind words, good advice, and trusted friends. We need mentors, teachers, and people who make us feel uncomfortable in our comfort zones. Sometimes we even need a kick in the seat of the pants.

Author John Maxwell writes that people quit people, not companies. Therefore, as leaders, giving genuine encouragement can help employees feel better about themselves, their bosses, and their coworkers. And that can result in satisfied employment.

1. Show Up and Listen

Having interacted with thousands of people during my career, I realize the most authentic relationship-building experiences happen when I’m sitting kneecap to kneecap with someone, looking them in the eye and sincerely wanting to understand. Face-to-face meetings lead to solid business partnerships and long-term relationships that help grow a business.

They foster trust, build bridges, and help us manage conflict from a position of mutual understanding. Simply put, technology can’t replace the power of face-to-face communication, so we need to show up.

2. Praise Others Genuinely

National Day of EncouragementTell colleagues you believe in them, and you know they can accomplish their goals. Share something they’ve accomplished, and urge them onward with encouragement such as, “you’re talented” and “keep up the good work!”

To emphasize the power of praise, my mother told me over and over that I was smart and could do anything I put my mind to. Right or wrong, I believed her, and those simple words have carried me through my life to lead a successful company internationally.

Imagine the influence you can have by sharing genuine words of encouragement with others.

3. Start Something New

This is a challenge we gave tens of thousands of USANA Associates in August.

Today is the day to start something positive with others. Commit to focus outside of yourself on National Day of Encouragement and boost another up. Imagine the positive effect you will have.

Take Care of Yourself

Those three steps make up just half the equation, however. Helping others succeed means taking care of your own reservoir of strength.

Four things to stay strong yourself:

  1. Be kind to yourself
  2. Challenge negative thinking about yourself
  3. Remind yourself of your accomplishments
  4. Graciously accept compliments

I’ve learned that to implement those four points, I surround myself with positive people, I celebrate small successes, I’m highly aware of my thought patterns and fill my mind with positive thoughts, and I accept compliments with a verbal thank you.

The Gift of Giving

When you help others achieve career success, you give them a priceless gift.

Most of the successful people I’ve met got there because they were told they had value and others encouraged them. Sometimes all a person needs is to know that her life matters and that she can make a difference. Having people who believe in you and your ability to succeed is very important.

I shared these thoughts and more in a news release that went out on Sept. 12, 2022, National Day of Encouragement.

Insights for Success: 3 Strategies to Live a Life Fulfilled

At times I’m asked: What’s your secret for achieving success? For me, it’s not necessarily a secret, but rather a three-part strategic mindset.

  • Overcome fear
  • Live in harmony
  • Believe in yourself

Coming out of the pandemic building momentum, our company leaders have uncovered key insights from exploring backward to boost productivity going forward. In that retrospection, we’ve found a pattern of success borne from a growth mindset that expands our confidence in who we are and what we can become.

I shared these ideas as part of USANA’s 30th Anniversary Global Convention. The event featured thousands of health-minded entrepreneurs. Many independent CEOs, each focused on success, joined us in Salt Lake City. Others watched online, as we streamed portions of the event to attendees around the world.

Success Strategy: Overcome Fear

Over the last two years during the pandemic, some people have talked about their fear of failure, but to fuel success, we must overcome fear, and unleash powerful confidence, creativity, and lasting connections.

Success Strategy: Live in Harmony

What’s more, now is the time to live a harmonious life by first knowing who we are, next understanding our values, and finally by applying true health that balances our body, mind, and spirit. That’s our path to greater heights.

As I write in All the Right Reasons, in music, harmony occurs when notes blend in a way that is pleasing to the ear. Whether someone plays in a band, sings in a choir, or performs in an orchestra, there is nothing quite as exhilarating as achieving perfect harmony with fellow musicians. Harmony in music doesn’t happen without hours of practice and each individual musician’s commitment to getting the music right.

A life in harmony means a consistent and honest arrangement of personal values and a solid commitment to living those values day in and day out, which is one secret to higher fulfillment and confidence in life and at work.

Success Strategy: Believe in Yourself

Because no person is an island, I’ve seen that we accomplish more as we connect with others. In fact, connections are vital in creating future success, and those who do so consistently are miles ahead on the path to success.

To achieve all you can become, be firm in your destination but flexible in your path. As Pablo Picasso said, ‘Whatever you can imagine is real,’ which means if you believe in something strong enough and have passion, motivation, and desire to make it happen, those dreams can come true. I’ve seen it over and over.

3 Strategies for Success | Kevin Guest

Kindness Counts: 5 Ways to be Kind During National Civility Month

National Civility Month, held each August, provides an opportunity to treat others with kindness, empathy, and respect.

As human beings, we need each other. We need encouragement, empathy, and connections. We need smiles, kind words, good advice, and trusted friends. National Civility Month is the perfect time to share kindness and expand our circle of influence with those around us.

Recently, I offered five ways to help leaders and employees strengthen company culture through the power of civility to others.

5 Ways to Express Kindness

  1. Focus on Kindness First Thing in the Morning: Really think about how you’ll treat others that day. Maybe you’ll call your grandmother to let her know you’re thinking about her. Perhaps you’ll help your neighbor carry in her groceries — anything from the heart will do.
  2. Notice Others Around Us Who May be Struggling: If you know someone who’s experiencing a particular challenge, ask yourself what you would want from others if you were in their position. Socializing with friends or being a quiet listener — you have an opportunity to make a difference.
  3. Use Technology to be Kind: Think of how wonderful it is to get a text from someone who tells you how much you helped them or matter to them. Texting and emailing are quick and easy. Yet, those tools can send a powerful and kind message to someone. So follow your impressions when you feel inclined to reach out.
  4. Take the Higher Road When Talking About Others: When you avoid office gossip and don’t join negative talk about another person, that is a true demonstration of kindness and respect. Keep yourself from listening to unpleasant statements about others and don’t add anything negative to the conversation.
  5. Think of Yourself as an Instrument of Kindness: It’s a wild concept to some, but have you considered that maybe you were put on this earth to be kind to others? If you believe it’s your job, role, or destiny to be good to others, you’ll begin to behave with kindness all the time. When you believe you can greatly affect the feelings of others through simple acts of kindness, you’ll act differently and see remarkable things happen to them and to yourself.

Be Kind

As we commemorate National Civility Month, please take extra care to demonstrate kindness toward others. And toward yourself.

5 Ways to Be Kind | National Civility Month | Kevin Guest

I shared these thoughts and more in a news release that went out on Aug. 1, 2022.

7 Ways to Find Peace & Lower Stress

Recently, the world celebrated International Peace and Love Day. People across the globe commemorate the day each July 7.

Introduced by Ringo Starr, born July 7, 1940, the famed Beatles drummer said he wanted peace and love for his birthday and he encouraged people worldwide to spread peace and love.

Research shows that as we seek peace and show kindness, we reduce stress and become more productive. Committing to a calm personal approach is important not only on International Peace and Love Day but also every other day of the year.

I was fortunate to meet Ringo Starr backstage before a concert and saw firsthand that he was an exceptionally nice person. Ringo laughed and joked as if he had plenty of time to spend with us in the waiting room. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself.

When we took a picture, Ringo put his arm around me, chatted for a bit, and showed the peace and love signs he’s famous for. He was gracious and genuine to each person in the room because he chooses to treat people with respect and warmth. He chooses the kind of person he wants to be. Everyone there went away feeling good about themselves and loving Ringo even more.

7 Steps to Find Peace, Lower Stress

1. Genuinely share peace and love to reduce stress

This brings more accomplishment and a sense of ease that is contagious.

2. Choose to treat others with respect and kindness

Listen and validate others’ emotions and experiences. Letting them know their happiness and well-being matter to you is key to cultivating a personality of peace.

3. Slow down and focus on their own breathing

Being mindful of your breathing brings you into the present moment, sharpening clarity and concentration. I like to breathe in for four counts, hold my breath for four counts, exhale for four and hold that for four counts. Doing that six times brings more oxygen and clear thinking.

4. Simplify your task list and devote efforts to top priorities

Don’t spread yourself too thin and be conscious of what matters most.

5. Walk outside and soak up nature

My boyhood home was near Flathead Lake, Montana, so growing up surrounded by water, trees, and mountains is second nature. Living that deeply in nature calms you and reminds you of the bigger perspective when facing life’s challenges.

6. Get massages for relaxation and muscle relief

Mayo Clinic findings cite massages reduce pain and muscle tension, improve blood circulation, lower heart rates and blood pressure, and improve immune function.

7. Make a list of things you are grateful for

These should be things that make you feel happier and calmer. Keep that list on your device and at low points during the day, review it and see your life in a more positive, realistic light. As I do that, I have found things are not as bad as I thought, and life is moving along better than I imagined.

I shared these thoughts and more in a news release that went out on July 7, 2022, International Peace and Love Day.

8 Steps to Restore Corporate Culture

With the COVID-19 pandemic having eroded corporate culture and upended the rhythm of coworkers’ connections, restoring corporate culture may be difficult.

Inspired by Peter Drucker’s quote, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” I’m convinced that restoring culture is key to bringing our companies back from the pandemic. Aligning personal values with your employer’s culture brings a peaceful sense of harmony and strengthens teams.

Corporate Culture: 8 Steps for Success

  1. Celebrate with Co-Workers: Transitioning to hybrid work is the perfect time to celebrate reuniting with the team that achieved success together during the pandemic. Deepening those relationships at company and personal events can reinforce the sense of team and harmony.
  2. Give Back to the Community: Every great company I know has a robust community outreach program. This service provides opportunities to forget about yourself and to help others. When you’re doing this with coworkers, you’ll see an inner source of accomplishment and gratitude for how you can make a difference and lift others.
  3. Focus on Strengths: Pay attention to the things you do well. Then build on that footing to reach higher and grow personally and as a company.
  4. Face Challenges Head On: When challenges arise, stand up, be strong, and meet your troubles head-on. You can conquer just about anything if you’ll just face it.
  5. Communicate Openly: Nothing beats speaking directly and respectfully. When we can feel safe about sharing and receiving direct communication, we grow exponentially.
  6. Give Praise: Generously acknowledge the talents and achievements of colleagues. A genuine thank-you energizes colleagues who work hard to bring success to projects.
  7. Seek Input From Others: It’s important to build consensus and to seek feedback to involve others when making important decisions. When we seek input in safe conversations, others will be more likely to support projects they have helped develop. More importantly, they’ll feel valued and recognized.
  8. Keep Learning and Growing: I have spent hours at home learning to play guitar and honing my skills. Although I love music and love to play, it has been hard work. However, the years of hard work have paid off.

I believe Implementing these steps will help restore corporate culture and build stronger teams going forward.

Ask Kevin: How Does USANA Maintain its Strong Corporate Culture?

Here’s an answer to a question I received on social media. If you’re unable to view the video below, please watch it on my YouTube channel.

I shared these thoughts and more in a news release that went out on June 1, 2022.

5 Steps to Lead a More Balanced Life

Leading a balanced life, I believe, is critical to overall health and well-being. In honor of National Mental Health Awareness Month, I shared five steps to increase harmony and balance in our lives.

Surveys show that pandemic-induced anxiety and depression levels increased by 25 percent globally in 2021. It’s vital that we support mental health.

Some mental health aspects are highly vulnerable to environmental influences. The pandemic has certainly levied an unprecedented effect on workers. I’ve adopted five practices that consistently bring a more balanced approach to function at higher levels.

🎙 Listen: Also in May, I visited with Kelly & Company to talk about “Five steps for improved outcomes during National Mental Health Month.”

5 Steps to a Balanced Life

1. Maintain social support

Even in today’s hybrid working environment, staying connected to a network of people, groups, and organizations that are supportive and fun is key to good mental health. This includes friends, neighbors, volunteer opportunities, church, book clubs, support groups, community events, and extended family members.

2. Find an enjoyable hobby

I’ve been fortunate to perform with country star Collin Raye’s band, playing at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry and sharing the stage with Brooks and Dunn, Keith Urban, Diamond Rio, and many others. Not only is music my passion, but I’ve found it’s a necessary outlet for mental balance, and that people benefit by doing hobbies they love.

3. Eat nutritious foods

Experts agree eating plenty of vegetables and fruit, with lean protein and moderate carbohydrates is ideal for most people. Because health begins at the cellular level, good intake naturally results in a good output.

4. Manage demands of the day effectively

Leading a global company can bring high levels of nonstop stress. In my quest to live a life in harmony, a habit of setting clear priorities in the greater context is one secret to regulate personal energy, cope with stress and avoid a multitude of problems.

5. Exercise regularly—and know when to rest

Exercise, as we know, is important for good health. But relaxation and adequate sleep are as important for stress management and overall mental health. Each person must identify their personal sleep needs but getting seven to eight hours of sleep has greatly improved my ability to handle daily challenges.

I shared these thoughts and more in a news release that went out on May 2, 2022.

What Two Beatles Taught Me About Love and Respect

April 2 is national “Love Our Children Day” in the United States. And it’s a perfect reminder to show love and respect to everyone we encounter from adults to children.

Ringo Starr, one of my lifelong idols, is one of the most gracious celebrities I have ever met.

A few years ago, I was backstage before a Ringo Starr concert with a group of fans waiting to meet the world-famous Beatles drummer.

Other fans were nervous, and the lady next to me was hyperventilating because she was about to meet an idol—one of the Beatles. When Ringo arrived, I was first in line, and he smiled, gave me a big hug, and talked to me while looking directly at me. He focused on me and made me feel loved and respected, like I was important. That is a feeling I will never forget.

Years earlier, I saw Paul McCartney on stage for a pre-concert soundcheck and noticed that Paul approached every band and crew member. He hugged them and asked how they were.

I could tell Paul knew them personally and cared about them. Those acts of love and kindness by two of the world’s most famous musicians give a remarkable lesson for us all. In this day when so much is in turmoil, we need to show love and respect for others around us.

Love, Relationships

In All the Right Reasons, I write about what I call The Dorothy Principle. In essence, it puts relationships at the top of the priority list.

People have told me the Dorothy Principle has made an instant impact on their lives. I learned long ago that treating others with the utmost respect and kindness is a key to success and makes life more harmonious for everyone.

To illustrate the Dorothy Principle:

On a pop quiz, a college professor asked: ‘What is the name of the woman who cleans this building?’ and emphasized that nothing is more important than relationships.

The class was blank but soon learned the cleaning lady’s name was Dorothy. So I have dubbed that value the Dorothy Principle and have tried to put relationships first in everything I do.

I apply the same principle as Chairman and CEO at USANA Health Sciences.

I urge all of our Associates domestically and internationally to treat others politely with kindness. Learn their names, acknowledge them as you pass by, and step outside of your own issues to be genuinely respectful to everyone.

I believe those simple patterns of behavior can make us all more civil and lift each other to higher levels of harmony in life.

I shared these thoughts and more in a news release that went out on March 31, 2022.

Designed to help others find keys to successful careers and life, All the Right Reasons reveals 12 principles for living a life in harmony. All proceeds from sales of the bestseller are aimed at feeding two million meals to hungry children. Available on Amazon, each book sold provides 40 meals through The USANA Foundation.

4 Steps to Get Motivated & Achieve More

Successful people do a good job of getting motivated to take action each day. With the right inspiration, I have seen that anyone can become more productive.

Earlier this month, I shared thoughts on how to “March Forth on March 4.” Here are four key steps to help you achieve more.

Get Motivated to Achieve More | Kevin Guest

1. Get Motivated: Find an Activity That Energizes You

Use music, books, quotes, or movies for motivation. Maybe you have a certain movie scene or song that motivates you. For someone else, it might be a favorite quote. Inspirational videos found online only take a few minutes to watch. The key is to start and end the day with something that inspires you to take action.

One thing that can energize you is a good exercise routine that increases your heart rate and sends oxygen to your brain, which will refresh you, help you think more clearly, and feel more like doing your work.

2. Get Started Early in the Day

I’ve found if you can accomplish something worthwhile before 9 a.m., you’ll be motivated to do even more during the rest of the day. If you fail to do anything substantial by noon, you might feel bad about how you’ve wasted the morning.

Often, you won’t feel motivated in the afternoon and will likely stall progress by putting things off until later.

As I write in my book, All the Right Reasons, I took this approach before performing at Grand Ole Opry with country star Collin Raye.

I arrived in Nashville early, interacted with country music idols, and had a great experience when I went on stage. That was a complete turnabout from my first Opry performance. All this was because I was early and prepared, which put me in a calm frame of mind.

3. Break Goals Into Attainable Steps

Dividing bigger goals into a series of small steps is a huge secret to success. What’s more, accomplishing goals rapidly motivates you to the next one. I’ve also found it’s key to celebrate and reward yourself for a job well done, and with small steps, rewards come often.

4. Nothing Changes Until Your Behavior Changes

Visualization and positive self-talk have their place, but they’re only effective if your behavior changes. You can wish your way to make a million dollars by aligning with your values, but it won’t happen unless you’re consistently doing something different. That’s the key to real change.

Most of all, I know life is short, but it’s long enough if we don’t waste time. Simply put, we can accomplish a lot between now and the end of our life if we respect and make the most of our time. It’s easy to put things off until tomorrow, but there are only so many tomorrows left.

I shared these thoughts and more in a news release that went out on March 3, 2022.

Designed to help others find keys to successful careers and life, All the Right Reasons reveals 12 principles for living a life in harmony. All proceeds from sales of the bestseller are aimed at feeding two million meals to hungry children. Available on Amazon, each book sold provides 40 meals through The USANA Foundation.

Greater Harmony Leads to Increased Productivity, Happiness

Last week we celebrated Valentine’s Day. February, in general, focuses on love. Therefore, I believe it’s the perfect time to increase our respect and harmony in all aspects of life. I’ve seen firsthand that when harmony is high, productivity rises, and happiness is at record levels.

My parents Francis and Venus Guest on their 50th wedding anniversary.

My parents, Francis and Venus Guest, on their 50th wedding anniversary.

Many readers know that I grew up in Montana. It’s there that thanks to my parents’ example, I witnessed the importance of love and harmony.

In the ways that really count, my parents were truly extraordinary. They lived their lives serving and teaching others. Virtue meant something to my mom and dad, and threads of love, kindness, hard work, and integrity wove the strong cords of character in their lives.

My parents’ lessons, both spoken and lived, shaped the man I have become and the person I still hope to be. My success has been, in great part, because I try to remain true to the values my parents taught me.

A Life in Harmony

As I write in my book, All the Right Reasons, putting our core character traits into action is what it means to live a life in harmony.

In music, harmony happens when notes blend so it’s pleasing to the ear. Whether someone performs in a band, a choir, or an orchestra, nothing is quite as exhilarating as achieving perfect harmony with fellow musicians.

In life, harmony means living a consistent and honest arrangement of your values. And then solidly committing to living those values day in and day out.

Each of us experiences defining life moments when choices align with destiny and catapult us in an unanticipated direction. These moments can paralyze us, or they can transform us. They can profoundly reshape us for the better, leaving us with fresh insights, new goals, and strengthened resolve.

With your values defined, love, kindness, and respect for others, especially now, will foster harmony in relationships that literally enriches life and makes it more rewarding.

I shared these thoughts and more in a news release that went out on Feb. 7, 2022.

Designed to help others find keys to successful careers and life, All the Right Reasons reveals 12 principles for living a life in harmony. All proceeds from sales of the bestseller are aimed at feeding two million meals to hungry children. Available on Amazon, each book sold provides 40 meals through The USANA Foundation.