8 Steps to Restore Corporate Culture

With the COVID-19 pandemic having eroded corporate culture and upended the rhythm of coworkers’ connections, restoring corporate culture may be difficult.

Inspired by Peter Drucker’s quote, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” I’m convinced that restoring culture is key to bringing our companies back from the pandemic. Aligning personal values with your employer’s culture brings a peaceful sense of harmony and strengthens teams.

Corporate Culture: 8 Steps for Success

  1. Celebrate with Co-Workers: Transitioning to hybrid work is the perfect time to celebrate reuniting with the team that achieved success together during the pandemic. Deepening those relationships at company and personal events can reinforce the sense of team and harmony.
  2. Give Back to the Community: Every great company I know has a robust community outreach program. This service provides opportunities to forget about yourself and to help others. When you’re doing this with coworkers, you’ll see an inner source of accomplishment and gratitude for how you can make a difference and lift others.
  3. Focus on Strengths: Pay attention to the things you do well. Then build on that footing to reach higher and grow personally and as a company.
  4. Face Challenges Head On: When challenges arise, stand up, be strong, and meet your troubles head-on. You can conquer just about anything if you’ll just face it.
  5. Communicate Openly: Nothing beats speaking directly and respectfully. When we can feel safe about sharing and receiving direct communication, we grow exponentially.
  6. Give Praise: Generously acknowledge the talents and achievements of colleagues. A genuine thank-you energizes colleagues who work hard to bring success to projects.
  7. Seek Input From Others: It’s important to build consensus and to seek feedback to involve others when making important decisions. When we seek input in safe conversations, others will be more likely to support projects they have helped develop. More importantly, they’ll feel valued and recognized.
  8. Keep Learning and Growing: I have spent hours at home learning to play guitar and honing my skills. Although I love music and love to play, it has been hard work. However, the years of hard work have paid off.

I believe Implementing these steps will help restore corporate culture and build stronger teams going forward.

Ask Kevin: How Does USANA Maintain its Strong Corporate Culture?

Here’s an answer to a question I received on social media. If you’re unable to view the video below, please watch it on my YouTube channel.

I shared these thoughts and more in a news release that went out on June 1, 2022.

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