Celebrating USANA’s First 30 Years

30 years. Three decades. Since 1992. For USANA, it’s a milestone worth celebrating. Many companies don’t get to celebrate a year in business, let alone 30 of them (and counting!)

When the curtain rises this week on our 30th Anniversary Global Convention, don’t be surprised if you see me get a little emotional. As I wrote previously, I couldn’t be more thankful for Dr. Myron Wentz and this incredible company.

From the start (and I’m grateful to say I’ve been here since the start), USANA promoted a crystal clear mission: To create The Healthiest Family on Earth is our commitment.

I’m convinced the employees, Associates, Preferred Customers, and other stakeholders strive to achieve that vision daily. In 24 markets around the world, health is top of mind for everyone connected with USANA.

And for the first time in three years, we’ll be celebrating in person the individuals who make such a difference each day. As I mentioned in a recent video, that’s perhaps what I’m most looking forward to.

The 2022 Global Convention is positioned as a hybrid event, which means there are in-person and virtual elements. It’s a first for USANA. Imagine that, even after 30 years, we’re still innovating.

Let me be among the first to welcome the thousands who are joining us in Salt Lake City. And to the thousands more who are joining us online. I hope the convention provides you with the inspiration and motivation needed to reach great heights.

30 Years: A Celebration

Here are just a few aspects of this week’s celebration to keep in mind.

Garden Towers

As you may know, last year we set an ambitious goal to create 30,000 Garden Towers by this year’s convention. We are so close to achieving that goal! Thank you to everyone who’s supported The USANA Foundation‘s initiative. If you’re unfamiliar with Garden Towers, I invite you to learn more here (and here).

And now, I’m excited to announce that in-person convention attendees can purchase their very own Personal Garden Tower bundles. These are perfect for small spaces such as balconies, porches, or windowsills. Each purchase also gets us closer to our goal of 30,000 Garden Towers.

A World-Class Event

The quality of USANA’s live events always impresses me. For past attendees, I’m sure you’ll agree that they’ve been missed. Well, I’m certain this year’s event will blow your socks off. Here’s a small preview (check out full details):

Plus, you’re in for a real treat when The Free Radicals take the stage on Friday night (Aug. 19). It will be a 90s-themed party to remember (with special guest drummer Mark Schulman)! The website description tells the story:

Booyah! We’re stepping back into the ’90s, and it’s not a party without you! Whether you moshed through the decade or cringe at your parents’ photo album, we’re heading back to 1992 to celebrate 30 years of USANA. Rock out with Kevin Guest and the Free Radicals as they play the hits of the day—you’ll want to brush up on your line dancing, the running man, and the sprinkler. Don’t forget to dress to impress. *Scrunchies not included.

A Little Throwback

What’s a milestone event without some reflection? The folks at USANA dug out some vintage photos and created a timeline of important happenings in the company’s history. And, of course, we started our First 30 Years celebration with this teaser video that features a little nostalgia:

The Next 30

As we begin USANA’s next 30 years, I want to express my thanks and gratitude. I’ve often said, nothing is more important than relationships. And the relationships we’ve built since 1992 are unmatched. Thank you for helping to make USANA the company it is today, and for your dedication to creating The Healthiest Family on Earth.

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