7 Ways to Find Peace & Lower Stress

Recently, the world celebrated International Peace and Love Day. People across the globe commemorate the day each July 7.

Introduced by Ringo Starr, born July 7, 1940, the famed Beatles drummer said he wanted peace and love for his birthday and he encouraged people worldwide to spread peace and love.

Research shows that as we seek peace and show kindness, we reduce stress and become more productive. Committing to a calm personal approach is important not only on International Peace and Love Day but also every other day of the year.

I was fortunate to meet Ringo Starr backstage before a concert and saw firsthand that he was an exceptionally nice person. Ringo laughed and joked as if he had plenty of time to spend with us in the waiting room. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself.

When we took a picture, Ringo put his arm around me, chatted for a bit, and showed the peace and love signs he’s famous for. He was gracious and genuine to each person in the room because he chooses to treat people with respect and warmth. He chooses the kind of person he wants to be. Everyone there went away feeling good about themselves and loving Ringo even more.

7 Steps to Find Peace, Lower Stress

1. Genuinely share peace and love to reduce stress

This brings more accomplishment and a sense of ease that is contagious.

2. Choose to treat others with respect and kindness

Listen and validate others’ emotions and experiences. Letting them know their happiness and well-being matter to you is key to cultivating a personality of peace.

3. Slow down and focus on their own breathing

Being mindful of your breathing brings you into the present moment, sharpening clarity and concentration. I like to breathe in for four counts, hold my breath for four counts, exhale for four and hold that for four counts. Doing that six times brings more oxygen and clear thinking.

4. Simplify your task list and devote efforts to top priorities

Don’t spread yourself too thin and be conscious of what matters most.

5. Walk outside and soak up nature

My boyhood home was near Flathead Lake, Montana, so growing up surrounded by water, trees, and mountains is second nature. Living that deeply in nature calms you and reminds you of the bigger perspective when facing life’s challenges.

6. Get massages for relaxation and muscle relief

Mayo Clinic findings cite massages reduce pain and muscle tension, improve blood circulation, lower heart rates and blood pressure, and improve immune function.

7. Make a list of things you are grateful for

These should be things that make you feel happier and calmer. Keep that list on your device and at low points during the day, review it and see your life in a more positive, realistic light. As I do that, I have found things are not as bad as I thought, and life is moving along better than I imagined.

I shared these thoughts and more in a news release that went out on July 7, 2022, International Peace and Love Day.

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