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#USANA30: Messages That Resonate

Earlier this year, USANA celebrated its 30th anniversary (#USANA30) at an incredible global event. Thousands attended in person, and tens of thousands more watched online.

Since then, I’ve spent time reflecting on one notion — the idea that today is Day 1. Recent history presented an array of challenges for many. And as we emerge stronger and more resilient, I invite you to press a reset button and start something.

To do that, we must focus on our belief system. Belief in the industry, the company, the products and, most importantly, belief in yourself.

#USANA30: Quick Hits

For those following along with my social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), you’ve seen video snippets posted recently. I wanted to share a few of the clips here (and invite you to watch these and more on my YouTube channel).

Life Must Be Understood Backward, But Lived Forward

we’ve all gone through something unprecedented. And we’ve learned some things. How will we apply the things we’ve learned to live forward?

Bring a Positive Change

We need to put ourselves in the right mindset. Clear our minds, fill our hearts. It’s time to push out the bad and direct all our energy to that which is good.

The Great Accelerator

I like to refer to what happened over the past two years as The Great Accelerator. We were accelerated into technology in ways we never thought possible.

Living a Life in Harmony

Living a life in harmony, for me, is being true to my core values.

Make Two Connections a Day

Connecting with two people each day will help us reach our goals.

My Commitment: 2 Connections a Day

Reaching out to two people each day is powerful.

Be Firm in Your Destination, But Flexible in Your Path

We didn’t come this far to get this far.

Keep the Dream Alive

Each of you has a dream. Never let it die.

Start Something New

Let’s start something powerful.

Live in the Present & Future, Not in the Past

Take positive action in your life. Live life forward.


CEO Magazine North America Video Interview

CEO Magazine North America interviewed Kevin Guest for a video on its LinkedIn page.

Previously, CEO Magazine North America featured Guest, USANA Chairman & CEO, in its June-July 2022 issue.

In the latest video, posted in October 2022, Guest explains how he “came to USANA through acquisition” when USANA purchased Guest’s video production company. It also touches on the company’s strategic focus.

“As I sit here today, we are not changing our direction,” Guest says in the video. “We’ve accelerated it and we are moving in a much more aggressive manner towards our strategy that we have in place.”

Over the last two years, Guest is thankful that USANA’s put strategies in place that allows them to persevere and succeed in a challenging environment.

“I’m so thankful that me with an extraordinary management team, we were ahead of the strategic planning process,” he said. “And all the last couple years have done have accelerated our digital transformation strategy, our manufacturing expansion strategy, the growth of our core competencies.”


Full Video: USANA CEO Kevin Guest

CEO Magazine North America, distributed throughout the United States and Canada, serves as a core business publication for C-Suite executives.

CEO Magazine North America | Kevin Guest


#USANA30: An Event Unlike Any Other in USANA’s History

Wow… that one word sums up #USANA30 in my mind. What a way to celebrate USANA’s first 30 years! It felt good to see so many smiling faces at a LIVE event for the first time in a while. Of course, it felt phenomenal to welcome tens of thousands of Global Convention attendees virtually as well.

#USANA30 — USANA’s 30th Anniversary Global Convention — proved to be a record-attended event for us. The Aug. 17-20 hybrid event, I believe, lived up to the hype surrounding such an important milestone year. I’m impressed with the many individuals who worked hard to connect the in-person experience with the virtual.

My thanks to everyone who attended. It’s one to build on for the next 30 years and beyond.


The big takeaway for me, as I’m sure it is for many attendees, is the importance of simply starting something. Our world threw us for a loop, and now, as we regain our footing, there’s no better time to #StartSomething!

It’s a global campaign to move forward with a growth mindset. For me, I’m returning to start something important that had taken a backseat recently. I’m committed to writing regularly in a gratitude journal. It’s critical to give thanks for the good that we experience in our lives. I shared a few thoughts on this notion in the following video:

Garden Towers: A Big Goal Reached!

A year ago, we set an ambitious goal. Through The USANA Foundation’s global reach, we aimed to create 30,000 Garden Towers in time for our 30th-anniversary celebration. As the BIG number left my lips, I wondered: Is that a crazy goal?

Turns out, it wasn’t. Thanks to so many individuals around the world, we reached our goal! Thank you so much for your goodness, kindness, and willingness to help those in need. We now have thousands of sustainable Garden Towers growing across the globe. And we’re going to keep going.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Garden Tower concept, please learn more here. And if you’d like to get involved, you can do so here.

#USANA30 Highlights

Here are some highlights from USANA’s 30th Anniversary Global Convention

The Free Radicals

Of course, no USANA celebration would be complete without The Free Radicals. I’m fortunate to perform alongside such talented musicians. During USANA’s Global Convention, we played two gigs and loved every minute of it. I hope you did as well. Please consider subscribing to The Free Radicals Band on YouTube to hear more.


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The Best Part: Getting Together Again

For me, the best part of #USANA30 centered on the fact that we interacted in person once again. I’m grateful for USANA’s first 30 years (as I wrote about before the event). And I can’t wait to see what the next 30 bring. Thank you for following along for what’s sure to be an incredible — and life-changing — ride.

#USANA30 - An Event 30 Years in the Making

Insights for Success: 3 Strategies to Live a Life Fulfilled

At times I’m asked: What’s your secret for achieving success? For me, it’s not necessarily a secret, but rather a three-part strategic mindset.

  • Overcome fear
  • Live in harmony
  • Believe in yourself

Coming out of the pandemic building momentum, our company leaders have uncovered key insights from exploring backward to boost productivity going forward. In that retrospection, we’ve found a pattern of success borne from a growth mindset that expands our confidence in who we are and what we can become.

I shared these ideas as part of USANA’s 30th Anniversary Global Convention. The event featured thousands of health-minded entrepreneurs. Many independent CEOs, each focused on success, joined us in Salt Lake City. Others watched online, as we streamed portions of the event to attendees around the world.

Success Strategy: Overcome Fear

Over the last two years during the pandemic, some people have talked about their fear of failure, but to fuel success, we must overcome fear, and unleash powerful confidence, creativity, and lasting connections.

Success Strategy: Live in Harmony

What’s more, now is the time to live a harmonious life by first knowing who we are, next understanding our values, and finally by applying true health that balances our body, mind, and spirit. That’s our path to greater heights.

As I write in All the Right Reasons, in music, harmony occurs when notes blend in a way that is pleasing to the ear. Whether someone plays in a band, sings in a choir, or performs in an orchestra, there is nothing quite as exhilarating as achieving perfect harmony with fellow musicians. Harmony in music doesn’t happen without hours of practice and each individual musician’s commitment to getting the music right.

A life in harmony means a consistent and honest arrangement of personal values and a solid commitment to living those values day in and day out, which is one secret to higher fulfillment and confidence in life and at work.

Success Strategy: Believe in Yourself

Because no person is an island, I’ve seen that we accomplish more as we connect with others. In fact, connections are vital in creating future success, and those who do so consistently are miles ahead on the path to success.

To achieve all you can become, be firm in your destination but flexible in your path. As Pablo Picasso said, ‘Whatever you can imagine is real,’ which means if you believe in something strong enough and have passion, motivation, and desire to make it happen, those dreams can come true. I’ve seen it over and over.

3 Strategies for Success | Kevin Guest

Celebrating USANA’s First 30 Years

30 years. Three decades. Since 1992. For USANA, it’s a milestone worth celebrating. Many companies don’t get to celebrate a year in business, let alone 30 of them (and counting!)

When the curtain rises this week on our 30th Anniversary Global Convention, don’t be surprised if you see me get a little emotional. As I wrote previously, I couldn’t be more thankful for Dr. Myron Wentz and this incredible company.

From the start (and I’m grateful to say I’ve been here since the start), USANA promoted a crystal clear mission: To create The Healthiest Family on Earth is our commitment.

I’m convinced the employees, Associates, Preferred Customers, and other stakeholders strive to achieve that vision daily. In 24 markets around the world, health is top of mind for everyone connected with USANA.

And for the first time in three years, we’ll be celebrating in person the individuals who make such a difference each day. As I mentioned in a recent video, that’s perhaps what I’m most looking forward to.

The 2022 Global Convention is positioned as a hybrid event, which means there are in-person and virtual elements. It’s a first for USANA. Imagine that, even after 30 years, we’re still innovating.

Let me be among the first to welcome the thousands who are joining us in Salt Lake City. And to the thousands more who are joining us online. I hope the convention provides you with the inspiration and motivation needed to reach great heights.

30 Years: A Celebration

Here are just a few aspects of this week’s celebration to keep in mind.

Garden Towers

As you may know, last year we set an ambitious goal to create 30,000 Garden Towers by this year’s convention. We are so close to achieving that goal! Thank you to everyone who’s supported The USANA Foundation‘s initiative. If you’re unfamiliar with Garden Towers, I invite you to learn more here (and here).

And now, I’m excited to announce that in-person convention attendees can purchase their very own Personal Garden Tower bundles. These are perfect for small spaces such as balconies, porches, or windowsills. Each purchase also gets us closer to our goal of 30,000 Garden Towers.

A World-Class Event

The quality of USANA’s live events always impresses me. For past attendees, I’m sure you’ll agree that they’ve been missed. Well, I’m certain this year’s event will blow your socks off. Here’s a small preview (check out full details):

Plus, you’re in for a real treat when The Free Radicals take the stage on Friday night (Aug. 19). It will be a 90s-themed party to remember (with special guest drummer Mark Schulman)! The website description tells the story:

Booyah! We’re stepping back into the ’90s, and it’s not a party without you! Whether you moshed through the decade or cringe at your parents’ photo album, we’re heading back to 1992 to celebrate 30 years of USANA. Rock out with Kevin Guest and the Free Radicals as they play the hits of the day—you’ll want to brush up on your line dancing, the running man, and the sprinkler. Don’t forget to dress to impress. *Scrunchies not included.

A Little Throwback

What’s a milestone event without some reflection? The folks at USANA dug out some vintage photos and created a timeline of important happenings in the company’s history. And, of course, we started our First 30 Years celebration with this teaser video that features a little nostalgia:

The Next 30

As we begin USANA’s next 30 years, I want to express my thanks and gratitude. I’ve often said, nothing is more important than relationships. And the relationships we’ve built since 1992 are unmatched. Thank you for helping to make USANA the company it is today, and for your dedication to creating The Healthiest Family on Earth.

USANA Celebrates 30 Years

Throughout my life, I’ve been fortunate to meet many great people. One of the greatest helped shape the last 30 years. Dr. Myron Wentz, the founder of USANA, created a path that I’m grateful I followed.

In some ways, I can’t believe it’s been 30 years since I hitched my wagon to Dr. Wentz and this great company. Where did the time go? Yet, I smile each time I think about the longevity and the tremendous impact USANA has had on so many lives around the world.

USANA is preparing to celebrate its 30th anniversary at our Global Convention. It reminds me why we’re all here.

We’re here to create the Healthiest Family on Earth.

Our focus remains consistent, as it has for three decades. This notion of the Healthiest Family on Earth continues to be relevant and important. I’m sure 30 years from now, the idea of health — physical, emotional, spiritual — will be even more relevant than it is today.

A Global Celebration

For the first time in three years, the USANA Family plans to gather in Salt Lake City to celebrate. The 30th Anniversary Global Convention is scheduled for Aug. 17-20. It’s an event to celebrate you and all the wonderful people who make USANA what it is.

Create memories to last a lifetime as we recognize you and everything you’ve achieved. Power your entrepreneurial mindset with engaging workshops, energizing speakers, and an electrifying party three decades in the making.

This year’s global convention is positioned as a hybrid event, which means there are in-person and virtual elements.

Health and safety are paramount. I encourage you to carefully consider your own circumstances and select the ticket option that works best for you (here are answers to several common questions). The online component no doubt will be outstanding.

Yet, as the global USANA Family prepares to meet in person for the first time in three years at an event three decades in the making… Well, let’s just say the USANA 30th Anniversary Global Convention is poised to be an event unlike any other.

USANA and Culture

As a side note… Recently, I’ve written about corporate culture and how I believe it’s a differentiator for USANA. It’s one reason we’ve been around 30 years — and I believe it’s why we’re just getting started.

Aligning personal values with your employer’s culture brings a peaceful sense of harmony and strengthens teams. If you missed my thoughts on this notion, I invite you to read the full article.

8 Steps to Restoring Corporate Culture | USANA Chairman & CEO Kevin Guest

Here’s wishing you good health and happiness, and I can’t wait to see my extended USANA Family (either virtually or in person) in August.

CEO Magazine North America Features Kevin Guest

CEO Magazine North America featured Kevin Guest, USANA Chairman & CEO, in its June-July 2022 issue.

The wide-ranging article, which starts on page 111, discusses Kevin’s approach to leading a billion-dollar company. It outlines how living a life in harmony plays a critical role in Kevin’s personal and professional endeavors.

Setting clear priorities is one piece of advice Kevin shares. By doing so, one’s able to regulate personal energy, cope with stress, and avoid various problems and pitfalls that may arise.

CEO Magazine North America - June-July 2022

Full Article: All the Right Reasons to Lead a Billion-Dollar Nutrition Business (PDF / Web)

The article traces Kevin’s path from growing up in Montana to starting his own business to leading USANA Health Sciences. The Salt Lake City-based company, which operates in 24 markets worldwide, celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2022.

“I thank all our employees for their hard work and all our stakeholders for their continued support as we work to create the healthiest family on earth,” Kevin is quoted as saying in the article.

CEO Magazine North America, distributed throughout the United States and Canada, serves as a core business publication for C-Suite executives.

“USANA’s CEO Kevin Guest loves music and believes in living life to the fullest. He also keeps working hard putting a healthy, happy life within reach for all.” — CEO Magazine North America

Asia Pacific Virtual Convention: A Spectacular Show

In a way, last month’s Asia Pacific Virtual Convention (APVC) kicked off a year-long celebration. Since 1992, USANA’s worked to create The Healthiest Family on Earth. And now, as the company commemorates 30 years, we’re laser-focused on that global mission.

“Rather than treating the symptoms of poor health, I wanted to be part of the solution,” Dr. Myron Wentz, USANA Founder, said in his opening remarks. “Our vision is to change lives for the better. The vision of yesterday serves as a path for the future.”

And that’s what we continue to focus on at USANA as we look to the next 30 years and beyond.

An Electric Atmosphere

Though we couldn’t meet in person for APVC, I could feel the energy from health entrepreneurs who tuned in virtually. Thank you to everyone who made the event special.

For those who invested in themselves, I hope you found it as motivational and inspirational as I did. From the kickoff “Wake & Shake” segment to the Future Lab to the leadership discussions to the phenomenal keynotes, the Asia Pacific Virtual Convention packed a lot into a few hours.

Coming Up: Global Convention

My sincere thanks to the many employees who worked so hard to make this virtual event such a success. But there’s nothing quite like being at a USANA event in person. I’m thrilled that we’re planning to return to an in-person event for our 30th Anniversary Global Convention in August.

And I hope you make plans to join the rest of the USANA Family as we look back on our first 30 years and look ahead to the next.


Let’s celebrate 30 incredible years! Join the #USANA Family for our 30th Anniversary Global Convention, either in person or virtually.

  • Join us for a phenomenal few days of inspiration, learning, and celebration.
  • Create memories to last a lifetime as we recognize you and everything you’ve achieved.
  • Power your entrepreneurial mindset with engaging workshops, energizing speakers, and an electrifying party three decades in the making.

SAVE THE DATE: Aug. 17-20, 2022 (in Salt Lake City… or virtually).

Learn More and Register.

2022 USANA Asia Pacific Virtual Convention

Asia Pacific Virtual Convention 2022 Logo

We are less than two weeks away from the 2022 USANA Asia Pacific Virtual Convention. If you’ve followed along on my social sites, you’ve already gained a glimpse into what this incredible event will entail.

I sincerely hope you are registered.

I believe attending events such as these is critical to realizing your full potential. It’s valuable if you’re a USANA business owner. But it’s equally valuable if you’re looking to improve your career, your emotional intelligence, or even your overall happiness.

Supercharge Your Entrepreneurial Vision

The Asia Pacific Virtual Convention live stream aims to teach, inspire, and empower you with actionable insights and key takeaways. Immerse yourself in live and on-demand presentations and workshops hosted by industry leaders, USANA executives, and leaders throughout the Asia Pacific markets.

The can’t-miss event will feature…

  • Impactful keynote addresses
  • Extensive workshop training
  • Recognition
  • Business-building sessions
  • A look at the future of USANA
  • Exclusive product discussions

Asia Pacific Virtual Convention Keynote Speakers

The virtual keynote stage welcomes two outstanding individuals.

Michelle Yeoh is recognized as one of the greatest and most successful actresses from the East. The former Bond girl is best known for her roles in John M. Chu’s romantic comedy, Crazy Rich Asians, Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Rob Marshall’s Memoirs of a Geisha.

James Clear is the New York Times bestselling author of Atomic Habits. An inspirational speaker and Habits Academy mastermind, James is a personal development authority. Driven, focused, and committed to helping others reach their full potential, he illustrates the profound benefits of small habits, decisive decision-making, and continuous improvement.

Asia Pacific Virtual Convention 2022

Let the event ignite your passion to pursue your entrepreneurial spirit.

Register Today

Please visit the Asia Pacific Virtual Convention website for complete details. It’s your guide to a one-of-a-kind event that could help propel you to even greater heights.

I look forward to seeing you virtually later this month. #LiveUSANA

Since 1992: USANA Celebrates 30 Years

It doesn’t seem that long ago that USANA celebrated its 20-year anniversary. And then came 25 (and with it, a world record). Now, as we enter 2022, USANA is poised to set a mark that relatively few companies attain. Oh, what a difference USANA’s made in its first 30 years.

Here’s a short trip down memory lane…

Since 1992, USANA’s vowed to create The Healthiest Family on Earth. It started with Dr. Wentz’s vision and now envelopes everything we do in two dozen markets around the world.

As we approached 30 years, I’ve expressed my gratitude for what the USANA Family’s accomplished in its first three decades. But, even as someone who’s been fortunate to work with USANA since Day 1, I’m especially excited about what the next 30 years—and more—entail.

30 Years: A Big Milestone

USANA Founder Dr. Myron Wentz

USANA Founder Dr. Myron Wentz

As I mentioned in an interview on the Driven with David Mulham video podcast, there aren’t many companies that get the opportunity to turn 30. It’s been a privilege and a blessing for me to watch the company grow.

What started as a microbiologist’s idea is now a global enterprise. Right now, I truly see the vision of creating The Healthiest Family on Earth happening.

The positive difference we’re making around the world is incredible. Our worldwide team of dedicated health professionals is helping so many individuals. And The USANA Foundation is bringing much-needed access to quality nutrition across the globe.

Living a healthy lifestyle, I believe, is critical to happiness. This notion of health is so much more than what we put into our body. It’s also what we feed our mind and our soul. USANA, therefore, is in an endless pursuit of health in all aspects of life.

I’m excited for what the future holds, and I’m grateful that you’re joining me on this year-long journey to celebrate 30 years of USANA.