CEO Magazine North America Video Interview

CEO Magazine North America interviewed Kevin Guest for a video on its LinkedIn page.

Previously, CEO Magazine North America featured Guest, USANA Chairman & CEO, in its June-July 2022 issue.

In the latest video, posted in October 2022, Guest explains how he “came to USANA through acquisition” when USANA purchased Guest’s video production company. It also touches on the company’s strategic focus.

“As I sit here today, we are not changing our direction,” Guest says in the video. “We’ve accelerated it and we are moving in a much more aggressive manner towards our strategy that we have in place.”

Over the last two years, Guest is thankful that USANA’s put strategies in place that allows them to persevere and succeed in a challenging environment.

“I’m so thankful that me with an extraordinary management team, we were ahead of the strategic planning process,” he said. “And all the last couple years have done have accelerated our digital transformation strategy, our manufacturing expansion strategy, the growth of our core competencies.”


Full Video: USANA CEO Kevin Guest

CEO Magazine North America, distributed throughout the United States and Canada, serves as a core business publication for C-Suite executives.

CEO Magazine North America | Kevin Guest


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