#USANA30: Messages That Resonate

Earlier this year, USANA celebrated its 30th anniversary (#USANA30) at an incredible global event. Thousands attended in person, and tens of thousands more watched online.

Since then, I’ve spent time reflecting on one notion — the idea that today is Day 1. Recent history presented an array of challenges for many. And as we emerge stronger and more resilient, I invite you to press a reset button and start something.

To do that, we must focus on our belief system. Belief in the industry, the company, the products and, most importantly, belief in yourself.

#USANA30: Quick Hits

For those following along with my social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), you’ve seen video snippets posted recently. I wanted to share a few of the clips here (and invite you to watch these and more on my YouTube channel).

Life Must Be Understood Backward, But Lived Forward

we’ve all gone through something unprecedented. And we’ve learned some things. How will we apply the things we’ve learned to live forward?

Bring a Positive Change

We need to put ourselves in the right mindset. Clear our minds, fill our hearts. It’s time to push out the bad and direct all our energy to that which is good.

The Great Accelerator

I like to refer to what happened over the past two years as The Great Accelerator. We were accelerated into technology in ways we never thought possible.

Living a Life in Harmony

Living a life in harmony, for me, is being true to my core values.

Make Two Connections a Day

Connecting with two people each day will help us reach our goals.

My Commitment: 2 Connections a Day

Reaching out to two people each day is powerful.

Be Firm in Your Destination, But Flexible in Your Path

We didn’t come this far to get this far.

Keep the Dream Alive

Each of you has a dream. Never let it die.

Start Something New

Let’s start something powerful.

Live in the Present & Future, Not in the Past

Take positive action in your life. Live life forward.


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