Keith Urban Chats with Kevin Guest at Virtual Event

Legendary singer/songwriter Keith Urban visits with USANA Chairman & CEO Kevin Guest at the 2020 USANA Americas-Europe Virtual Convention.

Throughout the 30-minute conversation, Urban discusses his musical career, leading a large organization, and how he’s coping with the worldwide pandemic.

If you’re unable to view the above video, please click here to watch it on YouTube.

Among the topics Keith Urban discusses…

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:50 How has this year (2020) changed your mindset?
  • 02:50 How has your leadership style changed during the pandemic?
  • 03:45 What’s your philosophy on how to treat people?
  • 05:20 When did you start playing guitar, and how did you become such a master of the instrument?
  • 06:35 How do you handle being told no and keep yourself moving forward?
  • 08:40 What does success mean to you?
  • 09:37 What does music mean to you?
  • 10:26 What is the music-writing process like for you?
  • 12:15 Talk about an instance where a song of yours has had a dramatic effect in someone’s life?
  • 13:25 Can you share your drive to give back?
  • 15:29 What does good health mean to you and how do you maintain your health, especially on the road?
  • 17:05 What are some activities you and your family have been doing during the quarantine?
  • 17:50 What would your dream venue be to perform?
  • 18:40 What does it feel like being on stage with thousands of people singing your songs back to you?
  • 19:43 Talk about Clarence, your Fender Telecaster guitar
  • 21:20 Who is one artist you’d like to collaborate with and why?
  • 22:30 What have been unique parenting challenges for you this year?
  • 23:40 Why do you go into the audience at many of your concerts?
  • 25:15 With a new virtual way of connecting, have you learned something new that you didn’t expect about connecting with people?
  • 26:30 Is there a song you look forward to performing every night?
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