World Service Week 2024: Deliver Acts of Kindness

As I wrote recently, it’s easy to find happiness in helping others. Working alongside so many incredible volunteers on a recent humanitarian mission filled my heart with gratitude. And now, as we mark the 8th Annual USANA World Service Week (June 9-16, 2024), the desire to give back grows.

In my travels over the years, I’ve seen firsthand the positive difference kind gestures and helping hands can make. In our work with The USANA Foundation, volunteers have traveled the globe helping those in desperate need.

But I believe some of the most remarkable acts of service take place within our own communities. It could be helping a neighbor carry in groceries, volunteering at your local food bank or community center, or stocking a snack basket for delivery drivers.

Or maybe it’s simply “paying it forward” for a kind deed you’ve received.

Serving Others

Here are two recent articles on The USANA Foundation’s blog that speak to this year’s World Service Week:

No matter how you choose to express kindness during World Service Week, know that it’s making a difference. It’s often difficult for us to comprehend what others might be going through. A simple act of kindness — of giving back — could make a world of difference in the lives of those around you.

Thank you for your service to others, this week and every week.

Giving Back

Remember, service isn’t confined to one week. Throughout the year, you can donate, become a USANA Foundation Ambassador, or fundraise through the USANA Foundation website. Please share your projects and photos, and connect online with #WorldServiceWeek24.

As always, 100% of all USANA Foundation donations go toward helping those most in need. Plus, you can submit an application for the Matching Grant Program. If approved, for every dollar you raise for a food-related cause, the USANA Foundation will match it. Here’s where to apply.

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