Effective Interactions: Interpersonal Tips for Success

Every time I surround myself with aspiring leaders, I get a jolt of energy. Entrepreneurs who are determined to make a difference—in their own lives and in the lives of others—hold a special place in my heart.

4 Tips for Effective Interactions | Kevin GuestRecently, health-focused business owners from throughout North America and Europe met in Salt Lake City to celebrate, connect, and learn (scroll for video highlights from the event).

In-person gatherings such as these fuel my soul. They provide opportunities to strengthen relationships and unite in common goals. I’m grateful to connect with so many on a personal level through handshakes, selfies, and one-on-one conversations (no matter how brief they may be).

Thank you to everyone who makes attending in-person events a priority. And many thanks to the USANA teams that work hard to produce high-value, high-energy, and high-impact events. They’re an important piece in helping to create The Healthiest Family on Earth.

Interactions: 4 Tips for Success

In addition, as USANA strives toward our goal of reaching 1 million active customers, I’m often asked to share advice on what makes a good leader. The list could go on and on. However, here are four concepts that contribute to strong leadership.

I invite you to watch the following brief video clips and see how you might be able to incorporate these techniques in your professional (and personal) lives:

Interactions: Listening to Understand

Asking the Right Questions

Connecting in Meaningful Ways

Being Teachable

In the end, relationships rule the day. Success arrives when we nurture and strengthen relationships.

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