Stretch Beyond Perceived Limitations to Reach New Heights

Just a few months ago, we had the blessing to have a new grandson adopted into our family. It’s been interesting for me to watch him grow. He’s now on his stomach and recently he was trying to crawl. There was a dog sitting a few feet away and he so badly wanted to touch that dog. So, on his belly, he started moving a little bit at a time. Finally, he figured out that he could stretch his way to touch the dog.

It’s been interesting to watch him as he struggles. Sometimes he gets getting frustrated because he can’t get the things he knows he wants. But he’s learning how to find a way to scoot on his belly and move to get what he needs, even though it’s really hard.

So many times, for all of us, we see things we want — things we might even need — and they could be really difficult for us to reach.

Sometimes, we have to get outside our normal selves. We have to understand what we’re capable of accomplishing. But it’s oftentimes not easy. It requires effort, it requires energy.

And as I watched this little baby learning how to crawl, it reminded me: It wasn’t easy to learn how to walk. It’s not easy to learn things in life that we take for granted right now.

That’s the way it will be for other things in our lives. We need to make the effort to stretch, to get outside of ourselves. If we can push ourselves beyond our perceived limitations, it will help us learn and accomplish things we never thought we could have learned or accomplished before.


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