A Community of Giving: 1 Million Meals

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At USANA, we have four core values that are our guiding light, our North Star that we point to.

  1. Integrity
  2. Health
  3. Excellence
  4. Community

I want to talk about community and what that value means to me.

We believe in giving at USANA. That’s part of being a member of a community, whether it’s a local community, a community at your company, or a global community — how can we give back?

I want that to be part of who we are at USANA and part of our culture.

A Community of Giving

Kevin Guest - USANA True Health FoundationWhen we talk about community, a large part of that is giving, and that’s why I’m so grateful for the USANA True Health Foundation. You can see in the video above the impact your service and donations have had on countless lives around the world in 2018 alone.

I love the following quote; you’ve likely heard me say it before. It’s often attributed to Winston Churchill.

“We make a living out of what we get but we make a life out of what we give.”

And if we can focus more on giving vs. getting, our lives would be so much more enriched. Even more, USANA will be a better company and it will help us become a stronger and healthier family.

Through the USANA True Health Foundation, we’ve provided tens of millions of meals to hungry children around the world. We continue to expand our reach and our effort.

1 Million Meals

To that end, I’m thankful for your support of All the Right Reasons. Proceeds from the book benefit the USANA True Health Foundation and its mission to feed and nourish hungry children.

Facebook - All the Right Reasons Announcement 3At last year’s USANA International Convention, I set an ambitious goal: 1 million meals in one year (one book sale equals 40 meals). I’m pleased to announce that we’ve already approached 700,000 meals!

We’re well on our way, but we have more to go — more to give.

Thank you for your support. The money is going to an incredible cause. It’s one example of how can we focus on giving vs. getting.

As you know, Dr. Wentz loves the True Health Foundation. I’ve been on many trips with him around the world. We’ve been to orphanages and we’ve personally delivered food to starving children and families.

I’m joining with him hand in hand and with all of you. If we can continue to focus more on giving rather than getting, I truly believe our lives will be so much more enriched.

Here’s where to purchase All the Right Reasons, and here’s how to donate directly to the USANA True Health Foundation.

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