The Importance of Core Values

Core values, as the name suggests, are at the heart — or core — of everything we do. They’re often personal, and for that reason, your core values might not be the same as mine. That’s perfectly fine.

The important thing to remember is to identify what your core values are — what drives you, what’s your North Star that guides you in everything you do?

Once you’ve identified those values (I recommend writing them down), you’re then able to align your actions accordingly.

In All the Right Reasons, The Ben Franklin Principle is the first of 12 principles I write about. I started the book with this principle because it truly establishes the foundation for everything else. It outlines the importance of core values.

Before he became one of America’s founding fathers, Franklin made a commitment. He committed to living his life according to his “moral virtues.”

Franklin resolved to always do right. In his mind, that meant aligning his life around 12 virtues (and later, after a friend counseled him to add “humility,” his list expanded to lucky 13).

Staying Engaged

Just as your values might be different than mine, a company’s core values also might differ from those of an individual. But at USANA, we’re fortunate in that our core values likely align with many personal values.

USANA Core Values: Community, Excellence, Health, and Integrity.

Recently, USANA published a series of articles internally that are designed to help employees stay engaged during this unique and difficult time. Many of our employees continue to work from home.

I introduced the series by sharing some thoughts on incorporating USANA’s core values at home in order to maintain a connection to our corporate culture.

I wanted to mention that here since many of you reading this are entrepreneurs and likely encountering many of the same challenges as are USANA employees.

Staying connected while also maintaining a healthy work/life balance is vital to our success — and your well-being. Self-care and your family are just as crucial.

Our core values unite us as a USANA family. And to live in harmony with your own family, you need to take care of yourself and them.

Keep the Culture Strong

Above all, I’m so grateful to each of you. The entire USANA Family has stepped up to an unprecedented challenge.

But there’s something we should remember as we continue to work from home (and as business owners interact with the corporate staff): let’s keep the USANA culture strong.

Members of the USANA management team are writing articles and sharing strategies to do just that. Over the next little while, I’ll try to share their nuggets of wisdom publicly here. I believe we can all benefit from varying perspectives.

Among the topics:

  • Virtual Meetings
  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Having Fun and Staying Connected
  • Recognition and Celebrations
  • Wellness and Safety
  • Schedules and Time Management

I have no doubt about your dedication and passion. And as we continue to align our actions with our core values, I’m confident we’ll keep achieving success.

As I wrote in my book, I believe that by building a solid foundation, we take charge of our own destinies, have more fulfilling relationships, and achieve long-term, genuine harmony, and happiness in business and life.

To view additional articles in this series, please click here.

All the Right Reasons: 12 Timeless Principles for Living a Life in Harmony is available on Amazon. All proceeds benefit the USANA Foundation and its mission to feed hungry children. Each book purchase helps to provide 40 meals.

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