Kevin Guest Appears on ‘We Are What We Buy’

Kevin Guest, CEO of USANA Health Sciences and author of All the Right Reasons, appears on Voice America’s “We Are What We Buy” show with Dr. Michael R. Solomon.

The episode, which aired on Nov. 14, 2019, is titled: The Direct Selling Model: What 20 Million People Know That You Don’t

Among other topics, Kevin discusses the impact of the Gig Economy.

We Are What We Buy - Kevin Guest

About the ‘We Are What We Buy’ Show

We Are What We Buy helps YOU to understand what drives your customers. On every show, we dive into a topic that helps you to decipher the reasons your customers buy (or don’t).

Michael applies over 30 years of doing research on consumer behavior to talk about what drives us. He’s helped by industry experts who share their experiences from the trenches.

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