Successful Entrepreneurs Possess These 4 Core Beliefs

As a one-time business owner myself, and as someone who’s spent 30-plus years interacting with thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe, I’ve learned what attributes contribute to success.

Hard work, determination, perseverance—they all play a part. Vision, positivity, and sound judgment—they are also keys to success.

But perhaps the one trait I see most in all successful entrepreneurs is an unwavering belief system.

For the many entrepreneurs who serve as CEOs of their own USANA businesses, there are four core beliefs that will put you on track to achieve success.

4 Core Beliefs

  1. Industry: Collectively as direct sellers, it’s your stories that become “the magic sauce” in what makes USANA great. Lean into the business model and connect with as many people as you can, sharing your story to build trust and develop meaningful, long-lasting relationships.
  2. Company: Our vision, our values, the USANA Difference. Learn what the company stands for and what it represents. Build a portfolio of accolades to bolster your own personal story.
  3. Products: Put simply, if you’re not consuming USANA products each day, how can you credibly tell others about the positive difference they’re making? Experience and authenticity drive success.
  4. Yourself: Finally, the most important component in this four-part system, is belief in yourself. Work on catching and quieting the negative self-talk that’s swimming around in your head. Successful entrepreneurs recognize that they’re the ones who lead with conviction and are talented enough to build strong communities around them.

As we discuss belief, I’d like to share a favorite quote, that I’m sure you’ve heard me repeat before: Be firm in your destination, but flexible in your path. Adapting to life’s many curveballs is critical for success. But with a strong belief system in place, your destination remains solid.

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