Ask Kevin: Advice for Entrepreneurs

From time to time, I’ll gather questions from social media followers and answer them in short videos. In two recent clips, I offer some thoughts that might be helpful for entrepreneurs.

The first one centers on what advice I might be able to provide to would-be entrepreneurs.

And the second video discusses a skill I believe is critical for entrepreneurs to possess.

Entrepreneurs: Learning & Growing

Knowledge, as they say, is power. For most of us, we carry in our pockets the key to an endless supply of information. I’m grateful for technology, which offers me the ability to expand my mind, learn more about the world around me, and gain new perspectives.

I’ve always been excited about learning, which inevitably leads to growth. When meeting with entrepreneurs, a frequent question I’m asked is: What are you reading?

Often, I’m alternating between two or three books at a time (if interested, I invite you to take a look at a few books I’ve talked about in the past).

In the last several years I’ve looked for additional ways to feed my brain. I’m sure many of you reading this have as well.

One way is by turning my car into a rolling university (longtime USANA Associates will remember this concept, though the medium has changed—no more cassette tapes 😄 ).

On my way to and from the office, I’m using the Audible app to listen to educational and uplifting material (here’s a short video about one of my latest listens).

Podcasts & Vodcasts

Podcasts are another popular avenue for education, inspiration, and motivation (I’ve mentioned USANA’s Let’s Go! podcast in previous e-newsletters). And last fall, USANA Chief Sales Officer David Mulham published a vodcast (video podcast) series centered on achieving success.

The Driven with David Mulham series is available to watch on YouTube (so this one is more suited for when you’re not driving) and features in-depth conversations with several dynamic leaders.

Each episode offers an array of fascinating life—and business—lessons that can help drive you toward success, whatever that looks like for you.

Guests who appeared on the Driven with David Mulham podcast

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