Take the Stairs: 3 Surprising Benefits

National Take the Stairs Day, which takes place each January, can lift workers in three ways beyond physical health.

It’s obvious that taking the stairs gives immediate physical benefits by keeping heart rates up. But applying that simple mindset of taking one more step can bring untold benefits to us mentally, emotionally, and socially.

National Take the Stairs DayBy taking the stairs, we learn that progress is made one step at a time. One international speaker reminded his audience, “the elevator is broken; you’ll have to take the stairs one step at a time.”

That punctuates the point of steadily working toward a goal instead of chasing instant rewards. After all, the world rarely works that way.

3 Surprising Benefits of Taking the Stairs

Viewed as a metaphor, steady, one-step-at-a-time actions will strengthen us…

  • Mentally: By seeing our own accomplishments
  • Emotionally: By realizing we belong and have value
  • Socially: By reaching outside ourselves to make a difference

In the pandemic, a stream of articles shows many individuals have been more aware of nature. That reminds us that consistent, steady work wins the day and brings rewards. One such example is Mother Teresa.

Despite health problems, Mother Teresa continued her active role as superior general of the Missionaries of Charity until her last year of life, an anecdote I share in my book, All the Right Reasons.

When Mother Teresa died in 1997 without a penny to her name, her society had nearly 4,000 sisters, 300 brothers, and more than 100,000 volunteers. They oversaw 610 houses in 123 countries. Today, foundations on every continent serve as hospices and homes for the destitute and those suffering.

“Mother Teresa never got a college degree, starred in a movie, made her fortune in the stock market, or worked her way up the corporate ladder. She herself admitted she hadn’t done any ‘great’ thing, only small things with great love. But she kept taking one step forward and discovered the secret to living a life in harmony.”

On the other end of the financial spectrum, Warren Buffett drew a similar conclusion.

One of the wealthiest people in the world, Buffet told Berkshire Hathaway shareholders he measures success “by how many people love me.” No matter where a person is on the continuum, applying the principles of taking the stairs can bring huge benefits by accomplishing goals, connecting with others, and reaching outward to serve.”

A Day to Take the Stairs

Established by the American Lung Association, “National Take the Stairs Day” on the second Wednesday of January urges everyone to do what they can to increase heart rates, which improves physical health, heart, lungs and muscles.

I shared these thoughts and more in a news release that went out on Jan. 11, 2022.

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