USANA Kids Eat Holiday Bag Project

The USANA Kids Eat Holiday Bag Project kicked off Nov. 1. Now in its 11th year, the program helps to provide food for students during the extended Winter Break.

USANA Kids Eat 2021 Holiday Bag ProjectLast year, volunteers filled more than 3,600 bags and delivered them to nearly 40 schools. The 2020 Holiday Bag Project benefited thousands of students in our community. And it grows every year. Families, corporate teams, church groups, and more take part in the annual volunteer opportunity.

For families who participate in the project to pack bags, they tend to return year after year, according to USANA Kids Eat Director Michelle Benedict. These families are making incredible memories together, while also making a big impact.

How to Get Involved

Starting now, you can participate in the Holiday Bag Project. Visit USANA Kids Eat on Instagram to watch a quick overview of the program. Then, head over to to learn more and to sign up. You can also watch this clip from The Daily Dish on ABC4-Utah.

Once you’ve signed up (and selected your school and the number of bags you’d like to fill), you’ll receive a set of instructions, a grocery list, and details on when/where to deliver the filled bags. The items required to fill each bag total about $25. You’ll then deliver your bags to your selected school the week of Dec. 6-10.

Generally, throughout the school year, USANA Kids Eat volunteers fill packs for students to take home on weekends. For the Holiday Bag Project, the bags are bigger and contain enough food to last two weeks.

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