What I’m Reading: A Voice Undefeated

A Voice Undefeated, by Collin Raye.

Hello everyone. Thank you for following along on my social media and this blog. Thank you, especially, for being part of the What I’m Reading series.

Your response to the books and the comments on these posts has been incredible. I appreciate your engagement and hope you’ll continue to find value in the books I’m reading. Perhaps they’ll impact your life the same way they’ve impacted mine.

For this installment, I want to share with you a book by my friend Collin Raye. It’s called A Voice Undefeated. It’s an inspirational biography of him and his life and the struggles and ups and downs that he’s had.

It also delves into his music career that includes an eye-popping 24 top-10 hits, 16 No. 1 hits, and millions of records sold. Did you know Collin’s a 10-time Vocalist of the Year nominee?

I enjoy learning from people’s experiences and I think we can learn a lot from each other in sharing our experiences.

In my book All the Right Reasons, one of the principles talks about nothing is more important than relationships — The Dorothy Principle. And I think you’ll get that same feeling as you read Collin’s book.

What I’m Reading

For me, I’m usually reading three different types of books.

  • Usually one is a business book that’s helping me with strategy or relationships or thinking about things from a business environment or leadership perspective.
  • Two, I’m usually reading something that is religious that fills my tank with information and knowledge and expands my thinking.
  • The third is usually a non-fiction biographical type book like this one of Collin’s.

I highly recommend it. A Voice Undefeated. I think you’ll enjoy it. He’s been a friend of USANA for more than a decade. He and Dr. Wentz are close. Collin’s been to Sanoviv. He enjoys our products and is an advocate of really trying to help us create the healthiest family on earth.

I think this read will help you as you move along in your journey in life.

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