Listening as Leaders: Realizing 7 Benefits

I believe it’s so important to develop strong interpersonal skills. Becoming a better listener is a priority for me. Listening — truly listening to understand — is a lost art.

March is Listening Awareness Month. Throughout the month, I’ve considered ways leaders can benefit from becoming better listeners. I shared four benefits on LinkedIn, which I’ve listed below, and included three additional benefits.

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Listening as Leaders

  1. Builds trust, respect, and relationships
  2. Uncovers hidden gems
  3. Encourages innovation and creativity
  4. Sharpens your decision-making skills

Additionally, never underestimate how becoming a better listener can have a positive impact on those around us.

  1. Strengthens emotional intelligence and empathy
  2. Promotes inclusivity and diversity of thought
  3. Boosts employee engagement

Great listeners who follow through are positioned to empower teams to work at their highest levels. In my career, I’ve intentionally surrounded myself with those who knew more about a key matter than I did. I listened to their perspective, applied my own knowledge, and implemented the best action. That formula has worked for me.

Previously, I shared thoughts on Interpersonal Tips for Success. Unsurprisingly, working to become a better listener made the list.


7 Key Benefits to Listening as Leaders

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