Yin Yang You: A Collaboration 5,000 Years in the Making

Those who know me know that I’m always trying to better understand the world around me. It’s not uncommon for me to be flipping among three or four books at a time. Yin Yang You: Biohacking with Ancient Codes is one book that’s caught my attention recently.

Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Rob Sinnott on the set of The Dr. Oz Show to discuss Yin Yang You.

The breakthrough book, a collaboration between health experts in the U.S. and China, is a fascinating look at the centuries-old practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The art and science of TCM center on Qi (pronounced “chee”) — the life force that flows through your body.

“For much of the West, TCM remains a mystery,” says Dr. Mehmet Oz, the book’s co-author. “Thinking about health from a different approach feels more intimidating and unsettling than it does exciting and titillating.”

A primary mission for Yin Yang You is to “demystify the world of TCM. Not to replace Western thinking, treatments, and approaches, but to learn how East and West can work together,” Dr. Oz continues.

Dr. Oz collaborated with Dr. Anlong Xu, the president of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, on the book. Researchers and scientists across two continents — including USANA scientists — worked to better understand how TCM can optimize our health for today’s world.

“Our whole goal at USANA is to help people better their lives and teach the importance of health,” says Dr. Rob Sinnott, USANA’s chief scientific officer. “With our contribution to the book, our hope is to help practitioners in Eastern and Western methods work better together. Page after page, readers will discover ways holistic medicine can support health, strength, wellness, and longevity.”

East Meets West

Yin Yang You brings readers a unique and powerful literary and scientific collaboration. Nowhere before have such forces joined to build the bridge between Eastern and Western medicine in this way. Through humorous stories, down-to-earth examples, and unique recipes, this book guides you through traditional Chinese practices that open minds to true, global holistic medicine.

Yin Yang You: More Information

You’re able to purchase Yin Yang You: Biohacking with Ancient Codes online. And follow Yin Yang You on social media (FacebookInstagram, and Twitter) to learn more.

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