Where Do You Find Inspiration?

Recently, I’ve shared a couple of videos that got me thinking about inspiration. The videos came about after I asked my social media followers to ask questions, let me know what’s on their minds, etc. I received several excellent questions, so thank you!

In case you missed the clips, take a look below…

Sir Paul McCartney

Where do you find inspiration?

The first one describes my all-time favorite musician — Sir Paul McCartney. Those who know me, know I’m a huge Beatles fan. Sometimes, it’s scary to meet your heroes for fear that they’ll let you down. What if they’re not the same person they portray on stage or in interviews? In other words, what if they’re a jerk?

Well, Paul McCartney lived up to my expectations, and he continues to be a source of inspiration for me.

Years ago, I had the opportunity to attend a Paul McCartney soundcheck. His crew was setting up for one of his big stadium concerts. It was closed to the public, and there were only a couple of us there who weren’t part of the band or production crew.

Soon, Paul McCartney came out. I watched him hug and greet members of his crew by name. He asked them how they were doing and how their families were doing. He went around to everybody and personally had a moment with them.

It demonstrated the importance of personal interaction and truly caring about others. Here we have one of the biggest stars of all time. It’s his concert, he’s the boss. But he took time to recognize people by name, greet them, give them a hug, and sincerely ask them how they were doing.

It’s an example to me that no matter how famous you are, personal relationships and communication matter. Taking time to acknowledge others is so very, very important. Sir Paul McCartney’s always been a musical hero of mine. But after witnessing that soundcheck, he became an even more impressive figure in my mind.

Abraham Lincoln

Another question I received: Who do I turn to when I need inspiration or guidance? Well, there are many from the religious side, which I’ll leave for another time. From the non-religious side, somebody who’s inspired me is Abraham Lincoln.

He’s someone who came from a meager upbringing and had to find his own way in the world. Throughout his life he stood for things he truly believed in — even if they weren’t popular opinions.

Basically, risked everything because he felt so strongly about certain things. Now, looking back on history, his steadfastness had a positive effect on millions of lives. Abraham Lincoln was insightful.

One story I appreciate… One of Lincoln’s relatives sent a letter asking to borrow money. Lincoln declined because he felt that if he gave the money, it would do them more harm than them having to earn the money themselves.

Many instances from Abraham Lincoln’s life inspire me to want to be a better leader and a better person.

How About You?

Who do you turn to for inspiration? I’d love to hear. In All the Right Reasons, I go into greater detail about who inspires me and where I find my inspiration.

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