Catching Up with Kevin: Reflecting & Looking Ahead (July 2021)

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk about a variety of topics that have been on my mind lately. This exercise of reflecting and looking ahead is something I like to do regularly.

If you subscribe to my YouTube channel or follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you likely saw the following video. However, if you haven’t yet seen it, I invite you to watch it.

In it, I share my thoughts on several topics, including…

📌  World Service Week 2021

World Service Week 2021 - Thank YouIt’s always inspiring to me when I watch how people are willing to give of their time to serve others. World Service Week is always an inspiration to me. It’s gratifying to look at the pictures, see smiles on everyone’s faces, and realize how good they feel because they know they’re doing something that helps somebody else in need.

I don’t think there’s anything more important than we can do in our life than to help others in need.

📌  Active Nutrition & Let’s Go Podcast

With the launch of Active Nutrition, there’s really a strategic reason why we did this. It’s because of our vision of being The Healthiest Family on Earth. Active Nutrition lends itself to the whole notion of lifestyle. That’s why we have the podcast. And truly being healthy is the body, mind, and spirit.

Those things are really what true health is all about. Active Nutrition is one step closer to us creating The Healthiest Family on Earth.

📌  Adapting to a Post-Pandemic Life

As I return back to whatever normal is post-pandemic, I think the important part for me is what did I learn? I’m trying to not go back to everything I did before. But rather, to do things differently, to approach things differently from that perspective.

One thing I learned is the importance of face-to-face interaction. Over the last several months, we communicated primarily virtually. Sure, it would be easier for me just to do Zoom calls versus getting on an airplane and traveling around the world. But there’s nothing, I believe, that replaces face-to-face and in-person interaction.

📌  Living Life to the Fullest

Recently, I witnessed my youngest grandson take his first steps. It’s an interesting thing to look at a little child like this who’s so full of life and so happy and joyful. He brings so much love into our family.

It’s remarkable to watch him take his first steps and to remember what life’s all about. Between birth and death, it’s the middle part that’s so important. I think it’s important to take stock. To take time to think about the past, while also looking ahead. For me personally, how can I better myself and what can I do to make this little child’s life better?

Thank you for following along here, and I appreciate all the kind words and the interaction on my social sites.

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