Make 2024 The Year of Connection

One notion I’ve thought a lot about lately is how we’re living in a super-connected world, yet many of us feel disconnected. That’s why I’m encouraging us to make 2024 The Year of Connection as we strive to make more meaningful connections.

In this increasingly digital era, the paradox of disconnection in a connected world is more real than ever. Despite unprecedented digital connectivity, many find themselves feeling more alone than ever.

The detrimental effects on mental and emotional well-being are alarming, with loneliness, anxiety, and depression topping the list and becoming all too common.

🎥 Make Meaningful Connections in Our Over-Connected World

Make 2024 The Year of Connection

Studies show that 95% of teens are on social media. A third say they are on it “almost constantly.” And nearly 40% of adults in the United States use social media for more than two hours a day.

A CDC study found that between 2013 and 2019, one in five teens reported they had experienced major depression. A 2022 analysis found that social media addiction was associated with a 20% increase in loneliness, with 26% of Americans reporting they feel lonely on a regular basis.

In fact, multiple studies have found a correlation between social media addiction and loneliness.

🤔 Are we using technology as a tool to foster genuine relationships or are we letting it dictate our interactions?

Making Meaningful Connections

As we navigate the digital era, I implore you to connect in person with colleagues, friends, and family.

As we begin 2024, let’s balance our online presence with real-life engagements. Let’s reshape the narrative of our digital lives and prioritize genuine connections. By intentionally deciding the way we engage with technology, we can cultivate authentic relationships amid the digital noise.

Let’s use technology as a bridge to genuine human connection, not as a barrier. Strive to make 2024 The Year of Connection!

Let Our Ugly Sweaters Connect Us

You may have seen this photo on my LinkedIn and other social media. But I wanted to post it here as a reminder that showing off our wonderfully imperfect selves can help us foster a deeper connection with those around us. USANA CEO & President Jim Brown and I had a good laugh seeing each other’s ugly sweaters in celebration of Ugly Sweater Day on Dec. 15.

Kevin Guest and Jim Brown in Ugly Holiday Sweaters | 2024 The Year of Connection

I shared a version of this blog post in a news release published on Jan. 3, 2024. Other material originated on my LinkedIn.

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