We Are USANA: A Virtual Asia Pacific Convention

A throwback to a campaign nearly a decade ago.

A throwback to a campaign from nearly a decade ago.

Tested. Proven. We Are USANA. Longtime friends of USANA might remember that campaign. It served as a rallying cry for a company built on science-based nutrition.

At the time, we were preparing for USANA’s 20th anniversary the following year. A few years ago, we composed a theme song.

More recently, we created this video that builds on the same idea. As it proclaims: We are science, nutrition, athletes, philanthropy, and more.

Nearly a decade later, the “We Are USANA” mantra continues to remind us that we are a global family — one that’s striving to be The Healthiest Family on Earth.

So when a global pandemic required us to cancel our in-person Asia Pacific Convention earlier this year, we turned once again to a familiar refrain.

USANA Studios orchestrated a six-part “We Are USANA” video series designed to educate, entertain, and demonstrate who we are. You can watch my segment in Episode 3. In it, I also discuss a book that I continue to re-read and get a lot out of.

I hope you’ve had a chance to watch all the episodes. If not, I invite you to do so now. Each is available on YouTube. Or, you’re able to watch the entire series on my Facebook Page.

As our lives continue to be impacted, I sincerely hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

Watch ‘We Are USANA’

The weekly episodes feature product launches, exciting announcements, valuable training, and messages from top leaders and executives. Tap the play button above to watch Episode 1 (and here’s the full playlist on Facebook).
  • 1: A special message from USANA President Jim Brown, an exclusive interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz, and more
  • 2: Exciting product announcements, a celebration of mothers and women in business, and more
  • 3: Future Labs with Dr. Rob Sinnott, interviews with CEO Kevin Guest, Dr. Myron Wentz and Prudence Wentz, and more
  • 4: Hear from entrepreneurs who have discovered new ways to succeed during the world health crisis and some fun extras
  • 5: Tune in to meet USANA Athletes, including an interview with Felicity Palmateer, and several stories of inspiration.
  • 6: Learn about USANA’s core values, The USANA Foundation, and hear more success stories. Plus, the Free Radicals close out the show.

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